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Gobble! Gobble! - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 21, 2017 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

This week we are learning about Thanksgiving. The infants liked listening to flannel board stories using a felt turkey. The older infants liked being able to put the felt pieces on by themselves as we handed the pieces to them. We have been singing Thanksgiving songs including: "Turkey Dinner" and "The Turkey is a Silly Bird." The older infants painted with bingo dabbers on construction paper. They liked moving the dabbers up and down on the paper, which they liked seeing the dots appear on their papers. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Fun - Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 21, 2017 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

This weeks theme is "Thanksgiving". We introduced the theme with a picture of a Turkey and print. We also read the following books to get our Thanksgiving theme started. "Run Turkey Run, Happy Thanksgiving George' and Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks". At the math table we had Turkey cups to string and count loops and number foam puzzles to practice recognition and counting. At the manipulative table we has colander's with feathers to work on fine motor skills and feed the Turkey as the children put small pumpkins in the hole on top of the Turkey to fill and dump. In the block area we added Turkey cups for stacking and building and water and cranberries in our sensory bin. Tomorrow we will end with doing the Turkey pokey, popcorn and salt experiment, pumpkin seeds with tongs and make Turkey snack bags to take home.

What Are We Thankful For? - Pre-School

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 21, 2017 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

This week was dedicated to Thanksgiving. The children talked about who and what they were thankful for. They talked about the foods they would eat and bring to a Thanksgiving feast. This created quite a menu! From turkey to a donut. LoL

The children learned their numbers and alphabets by counting feathers to put on a turkey and matching letters on the turkey's feathers.

They enjoyed a game of Thanksgiving bingo and tomorrow they'll be counting pumpkins in the math area.

Creatively your children produced works of art by way of Thanksgiving cards and place-mats for the dining room table. Tomorrow we will be painting with Indian corn. Ms. Charlotte will tell her story of "The Indian and the Snowflake". It was a short but interesting week as your children learned a little bit of American history.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving - Pre-K

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 21, 2017 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

It's almost Thanksgiving and we can hardly wait! We are so close as our daily countdown has become closer and closer to 0 each day. They may be a little confused though, because they think the day after Thanksgiving is then Christmas. But we have discussed that the day after isn't Christmas, but the next holiday is in fact Christmas. Which they are also very excited for in case you didn't know already! Today we started discussing the letter "g" and started a list on our board of words we could think of that started with the letter "g". It has been a little tricky, since the "g" sound is very similar to the "j" sound, but we will keep pushing through and figuring out which is which. Today and yesterday, we were making some turkey names on paper plates. These turned out really cute and the class at first thought they were making peacocks, since the feathers are all different colors, but we're still going to call them turkeys for Thanksgiving! Today we also worked on some gratitude pumpkins that we will finish tomorrow for those who didn't get a chance to finish yet. Our friends have some awesome ideas of things they are thankful for, especially candy! We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and long four day weekend filled with fun! Gobble gobble!!

Kindness Party - Kindergarten/PK2

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 21, 2017 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Last Friday we had our kindness party. The children chose to wear pajamas and celebrate with extra free choice. On Friday I brought in munchkins as a special treat. We sat in whole group and shared what we did to fill our bucket. As the children each shared they had a turn to eat a munchkin. Ask your child what they've been doing to be a bucket filler. This week we had Ms. Judy as a special guest. She came and taught us about a special word, respect. We watched a short clip that showed examples of how to be example. After we brainstormed ideas on how to be respectful in the classroom. Yesterday afternoon and today the children have been working hard to be kind and respectful to our friends. To go along with being respectful we learned about the Golden Rule, treat others the way you want to be treated. Stop in and see how full our bucket is so far! I have spotted many friends being kind and restful to one another this week.

Thanksgiving Feast - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 16, 2017 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The older infants were encouraged to color with crayons on construction paper, which they liked dotting the crayons onto their papers. All of the infants like playing with our Fisher Price Little People and accessories. They were interested in all of the different people and would notice the different characteristics of each person. The younger infants were able to discover the cause and effect of our pop up toys, which we helped them manipulate, in which we showed them how to push the buttons down to make the animals pop up. Thursday was our Thanksgiving Feast at the center, in which the older infants were able to join the rest of the center out in the great room while everyone ate a Thanksgiving-themed meal. We have been reading many books about Families including: Are You My Mother?, Owl Babies, and Momma, Mommy, and Me.

Sharing Family Photos - Pre-School

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 16, 2017 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

The children were very excited to share their family pictures with the class yesterday at group time and be sure to check out the display of pictures in the window! In art yesterday the children started work on a family book and drawing each of their family members in it. In language the children worked on rhyming words by taking the word cards from the rhyming house and finding a matching rhyme picture on a paper grid. The math activity involved a lot of fine motor skills as the children placed small beads on pipe cleaners by rolling a die and putting the corresponding number of beads on the pipe cleaner. Today in art the children continued to work on their family books and there was also play dough out for the children to manipulate. In language the children worked on letters by matching letter stones to their name cards. In math they engaged in a matching game to match the mommy animal to its baby. We also had our annual Thanksgiving feast in the great room with the other classrooms! Lots of delicious food to eat! Tomorrow in art the children will create a family collage using pictures from magazines. In math they will engage in some matching while working with family matching cards. In language the children will add dictations to their family book by talking about each family member they drew in their book.

The Feast - Pre-K

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 16, 2017 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

We drew our houses with our families inside. It was great to hear the discussions about how each child drew each member in the family and why they drew he/she that way. It is wonderful to see the maturation in pictures and how the people being drawn have bodies, arms and legs. Some of the family members even have hair! We changed up our art project yesterday to make American Indian headdresses for our feast today. The children said what they were thankful for, and decorated the paper. Our math activity was a cookie game to match up the chocolate chips with the corresponding cookie that had the number on it. This brought about discussions of making cookies with families. After several children explained how they either make cookies or eat cookies with their families, it was discovered that chocolate chip cookies are very popular! After our feast today, the children talked about their favorite part of the was a tie between applesauce and the bread! Tomorrow we will be working more with the letter Ff!

Learning to Control our Emotions - Kindergarten/PK2

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 16, 2017 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This week Ms. Marla came in and worked on impulse control while playing with baby dolls. During this whole group activity the children are working on having listening ears. Today they played a listening stop and go game with the babies. Their job was to safely hold their babies as they walked in a circle. They then had to listen for when they were told to stop and then go. After this fun activity the children pretended that their babies were upset and screaming. Ms. Marla showed them some strategies they could use to calm their babies and themselves when they're feeling upset. One strategies was to become a star. They can do this while sitting or standing. They are supposed to slowly raise their hands and breath in, then they lower their hands and breath out. Another strategy they tried was called the drain. They put both arms out straight with fists, they then squeeze while taking a deep breath, after they breath out and release the "water" and air as they lower their arms. The children will be encouraged to practiced these helpful skills in the classroom.

Our Families - Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 14, 2017 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This week the toddlers are talking about families and who is in our families and what we do with our families. We started off our theme on Monday with a picture of different types of families on our word wall and the sign language for families. At the math table, we matched different colored family counters with mommies, daddies, sisters, brothers, and pets. At the manipulative table, the toddlers worked their fine motor skills by pushing together rainbow people connectors. At group we read Clifford’s Family. On Tuesday, we learned the sign language for mom and dad and talked about what we like to do with our mommies and daddies. At the art table, we made our family house with different shapes for windows, roof, doors, and chimney. At the math table, the toddlers matched colored people to the right colored houses. At the manipulative table, the toddlers used bingo dauber to stamp on red houses. At group, we read Little Critter and His Mom.