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Winter Fun - Pre-K

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on December 10, 2019 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Families! The children had a fun time last week learning about dinosaurs. This week, we moved on to Winter week. The week started out warmer than expected, but as the week goes on, it will feel more and more like winter :). Yesterday was a fun filled day even though we had to stay in because of the rain. We made snowballs at the art table, played with our melted snowman in the sensory bin and saved the animals from the ice at the science table. We also began the letter Kk, we wrote words on the chalkboard, we wrote the letter at the language table and sang the Kk song. We will continue to work on the letter Kk for the rest of the week. Today, we made snowflakes out of salt and played snowball toss. Here, I stacked cups up in a pyramid and the children took turns throwing a "snowball" to see if they could knock the tower down. At the language table, the children were matching the upper-case letters with the lower-case letters on the penguins. We will continue the Winter fun the rest of the week, so make sure you stay tune!!! Stay warm out there!

Digging for Dinosaurs - Pre-K

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on December 6, 2019 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

We continue our fun week with all things DINO! The class has been enjoying “digging” out dinosaurs from ice and finding “fossils” in play doh. We have been doing the Dinosaur March each day to stretch our legs and get in some cardio! We have also been working on our ABC’s with locks and keys and listed several “Jj” words for our letter of the week. In the Great Room, we played with “snowballs” and saw how many baskets we could make. Today we will finish up our week with telling stories if we really owned a dinosaur and what we would name it. We will also walk like dinosaurs while doing an obstacle course in the Great Room.

Peek-A-Boo with Dinosaurs - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on December 5, 2019 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Finishing up our week here in infant one has been a blast. Both our young and older infants have been loving the plastic dinosaur figures. Counting plastic dinosaurs and talking about their colors more has been a fan favorite in the room. The infants loved holding onto the dinosaurs while we read “You Must Never Touch A Dragon” together. Another crowd favorite this week has been feeling different fabric swatches and talking about texture together! The younger infants enjoy waving the fabric around and finding small shakers and dinosaur toys under the fabric with us teachers! The older children loved to pass the fabric swatches back and forth to one another. Another activity everyone in the classroom enjoyed was sitting in front of our large window and looking at what is going on around us. We’ve seen and talked about our older friends while they play on the playground, birds and squirrels that move by, and the leaves and snow that blow past our window! It has been such a wonderful week in the infant classroom, and we look forward to what next week has in store for us!

All About Dinosaurs - Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on December 5, 2019 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings from the toddler room! This week we continue to focus on our theme: “Dinosaurs” On Wednesday, the children used their fine motor skills to use tongs to pick up the small dinosaurs at the manipulative table. The children also used their fine motor skills to open and close the lids on the containers at the table. At the math table, the children used their cognitive skills to match the bingo pieces and pom poms to the color matching dots on the dinosaurs. At the art table, the children used their fine motor skills to place a dinosaur shaped sponge into paint and stamp on their paper. On Thursday, the children explored the science table where they used tools such as; plastic hammers and wrenches to hit a large ice cube with dinosaurs stuck inside of them. The children asked questions in the process such as; Why is it cold or hard? For movement, the children marched to “We are the dinosaurs!” At the art table, the children used mix media’s such as; crayons, stickers and finger crayons to put on their large dinosaur egg poster board. On Friday, the children will used their fine motor skills to use a dry erase marker to trace lines on a dinosaur at the writing table. Have a great weekend!

Stomping Through Dinosaur Week - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on December 3, 2019 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

It's dinosaur week and it has been interesting to see how the older children have interacted and played with the toy replicas of these mighty creatures. Some tried to copy us and "roar" and others made them "stomp" across the toy shelf. We have been reading some touch and feel books to the children about the different colors and sizes of dinosaurs and all the textures have made them smile. It has been really cute! They sat under a parachute and watched while we moved it up and down which had some of the babies try to reach up and touch it every time it came down over them. They watched flashlights move their beams across the ceilings, walls and floors which they tried to catch and hold onto when it came by them. They all had a chance to explore scarves and even got several games of peek-a-boo in with them which is always a fun interactive game. While we had music, they were able to hold onto small maracas and shake them to music. It has been an interactive, fun couple of days and we have much more in store the next couple of days!

Fun With Dinosaurs - Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on December 3, 2019 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings from the toddler room! This week we will be focusing on our theme: “Dinosaurs” On Monday, the children explored the math table where they used their cognitive skills to match the dinosaur pieces on the dinosaur grid by color and dinosaur type. At the manipulative table, the children used their fine motor skills to peel off the dinosaur stickers off their sheet and place them on a poster board. At the art table, the children used their hands to grip a dinosaur and dipped the dinosaur in paint. The children used the dinosaur to press it against the paper in a stamping motion. On Tuesday, the children used their hands to manipulate play dough at the manipulative table. The children also used play dough tools to use on the play dough while using their hands. At the math table, the children used their cognitive skills to count out the dinosaurs and eggs. The children also used their cognitive skills to match the eggs and dinosaurs by color. At the art table, the children used a paintbrush dipped in paint to apply to their paper plate dinosaur. The children also used their hands to apply goggly eyes and cut out spots onto the paint. For health and wellness, we are making a fruit salad using strawberries, bananas and blueberries as additional healthy snack. Have a great day!

We Love Dinosaurs - Pre-School

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on December 3, 2019 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

This week is all about dinosaurs and the preschoolers love dinosaurs! Yesterday in art the children glued spaghetti noodles to paper while looking at a dinosaur to try and create a dinosaur bones image. In language the children worked on letter formation as they placed dinosaur counters along the lines of large letters. In math the children worked on a large dinosaur puzzle. At group the children talked about what they knew about dinosaurs and they shared names of some they knew. We looked at a book of pictures and the children learned a new word, about how the dinosaurs are “extinct,” ask your child what it means when we say the dinosaurs are extinct. We also talked about how dinosaurs that eat meat are carnivores, and dinosaurs that eat plants are herbivores. Today in art the children were given red and brown paint and were told to paint a volcano. Lots of creativity with this! In math the children engaged in a roll n’cover dinosaur game. In this activity the children rolled a die with numbers 1-12 on it, named the number and then needed to find the number on their picture and cover it. In language the children engaged in a dinosaur bingo game and they learned some new dinosaur names, and names that were tricky for the teacher to say. At group we read a story, “Am I Yours,” about a dinosaur egg that was lost and trying to d=find which dinosaur it belonged to. In the dry table this week the children are working their small muscles as they cut scrap paper.

It's Dinosaur Week - Pre-K

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on December 3, 2019 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

We are learning all about dinosaurs this week and some of the boys and girls could not be happier! This theme is such a good one with this age as it is a reminder of what they have learned in the past, but now they are remembering it and really want to know more! Yesterday, we watched a short video and it named a dinosaur for all 26 letters of the alphabet! Some of the children were so amazed that there were 26 different dinosaurs. That led into a discussion that there are really so many more than 26! We talked about volcanoes and how they erupted. We will do a science experiment later this week to see how a volcano can erupt. We have been sorting dinosaurs that eat meat, eat plants, fly, swim or run. We looked at several pictures of dinosaurs and their bones that were found. We talked about what a paleontologist does (we even had a few children say they wanted to be one when they "get big"!). At the art table, we made a picture of some dinosaur bones and today we put together a dinosaur puzzle. At the language table, we filled in the ABC dinosaur egg chart with missing letters. At the math table, we are sorting dinosaurs. We have been listening to the song "We are the dinosaurs" and marching around the room. Another big addition to our classroom this week will be Cupcake...Cupcake is the Elf on the Shelf! He will be listening and watching for kindness to report back to Santa. The boys and girls are to keep each other in check and remind each other that we are kind and Cupcake is watching.

Thanksgiving Week - Pre-School

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 26, 2019 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello and welcome to THANKSGIVING WEEK!

On Monday, the children were read a story about the very first Thanksgiving. They learned about the Pilgrims and the Native-americans, formerly called Indians. We talked about how the two different kinds of people learned from one another to survive in the same world. They learned how they came to be thankful for each other and had a feast of food to celebrate. The children painted with mini corn cobs in art. They counted feathers to place on a turkey in math and matched feathers with the same lowercase letters on them in the language area. Oatmeal was available to explore in the sensory table, with cups, sifters and spoons. Tuesday, The children decorated sun-catchers with colorful pieces of paper and a shiny glitter finish. They played a game of Thanksgiving bingo to enhance their problem-solving skills. In language they were able to dictate 'What/Who are you thankful for?'

On Wednesday, we will be making oatmeal raisin cookies from scratch!! Yum-Yum!!! The children will use their ears to hear the "T" sound and discover words beginning with "T". A memory game of all things Fall will be available in the math area. There will be painting today. The children will create hand print turkeys. Hopefully they will be dry enough to take home for Thanksgiving.


Learning About Turkeys - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 26, 2019 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

It's Thanksgiving week and it is all about turkeys! A couple of our older infants danced to a special turkey dance in the Great Room with the older children and we have been singing the songs "Turkey Dinner" and "The Turkey is a Funny BIrd" throughout their day, such fun songs during this holiday. We put out the music mats for those that crawl to move over them to make music - most stopped about halfway over it trying to figure out just where the music was coming from, but they all enjoyed it. Tomorrow, some will get a chance to drop pom poms through a tube - this is always a great fine motor activity that that like to do over and over again. They all sat under a parachute and watched it come down over them - they gave us a lot of smiles as soon as it came back up again! The smaller babies practiced tummy time in front of a mirror where they could see us and themselves, which they totally enjoyed. Small shakers were also out and as soon as they had figured out they make noise, they really had fun shaking them up and down over and over again. They all had fun playing and exploring together and now they will move on to dinosaurs next week! Happy Thanksgiving!