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Painting Fun - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on February 25, 2020 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

It's authors week and the babies are getting to enjoy so many favorite books by these wonderful people, it is so much fun to have a small group hanging onto every word and watching the beautiful pictures that depict the stories. Today they gathered around the sensory tub to practice using shovels to try and pick up cotton balls and pom poms. Our older children colored with chalk on paper and fingerpainted on a paper plate while the younger ones practiced using fine motor skills to try and undo tape to free popsicle sticks on a high chair tray. They had a chance to feel water that had been colored with food coloring. A teacher worked string and yarn through the holes of a laundry basket and placed items in the bottom of it for them to fit their hands through the string to retrieve the items - they thought this activity was so much fun! Coming up tomorrow, they will have a chance to mix paints in a plastic bag, explore the room with colored magnifying glasses and tap on windchimes that the teachers are holding to hear the different sounds. It has been a great sensory week so far and they have much more to look forward to as the week progresses.

Hearts - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on February 20, 2020 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Moving forward with our Valentine’s day theme has been a blast. The older infants have loved re-visiting our cut out hearts that we stuck to clear contact paper and then to the floor! We’ve talked about the pink red and purple colors of the hearts a ton! It was a blast counting the hearts out loud and watching the older infants react by pointing to the hearts while we counted! Another fun activity all the infants enjoyed was making a class art piece! Again, using clear contact paper taped to the wall, all the infants were encouraged to tear different shades of pink tissue paper up and to stick it to the contact paper! After we all had a chance to tear up our paper, we flipped and stuck the contact sheet to the ground to revisit the rest of the week! Another few crowd favorites included mixing red and white paint in large plastic bags to make pink, exploring felt hearts in different colors together and dancing with rainbow ribbons and looking in the mirror as we made silly faces and talked about our feelings! Next week onto our Authors theme! Until next time!

Valentine's Day - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on February 19, 2020 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

The infant room is celebrating Valentine's Day a week later than the other classrooms so the activities have been all about hearts. love and how to be kind to others (in their own little way). We stuck contact paper to the window and had them attempt to stick paper hearts to it - some needed a little help but they all had fun with the activity. Then we attached it to the floor for them to explore it some more by crawling over it. Plastic rings were put inside a shoebox and we showed them how to shake it up and after opening it, they all were able to take the rings out and drop them back in which many enjoyed doing over and over. There was some fun interactions between the babies and the teachers while we played peek-a-boo with different colored scarves. They will continue to try and build block towers and see how high they can make them and fit heart cutouts into slots in the top of coffee can lids. They will have a chance to watch us tell stories about Valentine's Day by using felt hearts that can be taken on and off the flannel board and listen to books all about love. It has been a great week to give extra hugs and kisses while we celebrate Valentine's Day and all it brings with it with many more activities to enjoy as the week progresses.

Learning About Teeth - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on February 13, 2020 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Wrapping up Dental Health Week the infants have continued to talk about our teeth and dental hygiene! A crowd favorite in the room has been continuing to look in the mirror together! Not only do the younger infants enjoy seeing their own reflections and those of us teachers supporting them, but the older infants have looked practicing big smiles and saying “Cheese!” We were even able to point out some of the older infant’s own teeth to them in the mirror while saying cheese! It was fun to see them point to and play with their teeth with their tongues! We used an empty ice cube tray and practiced “Brushing Teeth” with. It was fun to see all the infants using their fine motor skills to hold onto the toothbrush and ice cube tray as they explored. We had a blast trying to retrieve different light up balls inside of empty wipe containers to practice our problem-solving skills! Tomorrow we will explore puzzles, naming different types of pretend fruits and veggies and scribbling on black paper with different colored chalk! We look forward to exploring a new theme next week together! Until next time!

Toothbrushing - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on February 11, 2020 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

It's dental health week so it has been all about their teeth! We have given several of the younger ones frozen washcloths to chew on and they have loved it - they smile up at us through their chewing as if this is the best toy they have ever had (I'm sure it feels wonderful on their gums!) We are continuing to work on having the toothbrush in their mouths after meals with some gentle reminders (though they love to run their fingers over the bristles too). The xylophones were brought out and they had so much fun using the stick to make sounds, they were very interested in the concept of the whole thing. To reinforce their fine motor skills, we gave them lacing toys which if they couldn't get the animals onto the string, some of them were able to stack them on top of one another which was also a lot of fun for them once it was discovered. The mirror has been a source of entertainment for some of the younger babies to look in and see their reflection in and then smile at themselves. Tomorrow, we will try pom poms in and out of muffin tins and as always, developmental skills will be worked on by everyone!

Aquarium - Infants

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on February 6, 2020 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Wrapping up Luau week has been a blast! The infant classroom has explored and talked about all types of things! A crowd favorite was looking at our electric aquarium! We sat in a circle together, some infants on their bottom’s others on their tummies to work on lifting our heads and chest up off the ground to see the aquarium! As we turned the electric aquarium on, we flipped the lights off to better see the movement in the tank! The room lit up a light blue color! All the infants stopped and looked right to the aquarium. As it turned, we talked about the different colored fish and coral we saw in the tank, as well as the dolphins moving! The infants loved to point and babble to the aquarium. We all thought it was very silly to practice making the fishy noises while using our hands as the fish fins against our faces! So much fun! The infants loved exploring fish puzzles, using coffee cans as drums and listening and dancing to more tropical music! We also explored warm water and nesting cups together in our sensory bin as a class! We loved to explore with the cups and watch the water strain from them at different speeds depending on the size and shape of the holes in them! Tomorrow we will continue with more water fun by using different sized paint brushes and water to make markings and brush strokes on colored construction paper! We will also introduce singing new songs, exploring pounding benches and listening to more tropical music to dance to! On to Valentines day next week! Until next time!

Luau Week - Infants

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on February 4, 2020 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

It's Luau week and we have been having so much fun! They practiced putting plush fish in and out of fish bowls which they had so much fun doing, it was cute to see them sitting next to one another sharing fish and filling the bowls up with all the different colored fish! We have been reading books to them all about the ocean and the animals that live there and then we brought out sea animal puppets to show them and they sang to the children as well! Continuing our fine motor activities, they tried their hand at lacing toys but most are not quite ready to hold the string and put the toys onto it, but they tried their hardest and we were there to lend a helping hand. Then we put out the nesting cups and some of our older children are getting very good at stacking them on top of each other, knocking them down and starting over again. The tunnel was brought out and we rolled the light up balls into it to have them try to crawl through the tunnel to reach them but only one of the children thought that would be a good idea, the rest crawled around it and played peek-a-boo along the sides with the other children and the teacher. Tomorrow, they will use coffee can as drums and practice their bowling skills with stacked cups and a small ball. The rest of the week should be continued practice of their gross motor skills and more fun in the sun activities (in the classroom).

Colors, Shapes, Textures - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on January 30, 2020 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Wrapping up Artists week has been so fun! The infants have enjoyed many different activities that have us all talking about color, shapes and textures. Today the infants loved making their own masterpiece together! We poured purple, blue and green paint onto a piece of large white paper and taped it to the floor and covered it with clear contact paper! The older infants loved making marks in the paint with their fingers and hands! We imitated mixing the paint together by running fingers and flat hands across the poster board! We talked about the colors individually and talked about the sounds their names make. We also talked about how the colors mixing made us feel! A lot of the older infants showed pleasure in making the colors mix by themselves! We taped bubble wrap to the ground and part of the wall in the early morning which is always fun to see the reactions of the infants young and older! The noises the bubbles made while popping left some of us puzzled but very much interested! The infants sang a new song to practice recognizing our peers and their names. The song begins with “Where oh where oh where is...” until everyone in the class has had their name sang! The infants were very vocal and loved to clap and babble while we sang. They also loved singing the “Five Little Speckled Frogs” song so much, revisiting it was a must! We used our soft frog cube to hug and look at while we sang! Tomorrow we will explore colorful ribbons, fake flowers and yellow finger paint to make sunflowers! Next week onto our Luau theme! Until next time!

Color Filled Activities - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on January 28, 2020 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

It's artists week and though our babies haven't put any masterpieces together yet, they have had some fun activities and experiences with different colors. We sang "Five Green Speckled Frogs" throughout the day and then separated yellow seals and green polar bears into different piles (though they really enjoyed the baskets themselves much more than the animals)! They had a chance to build with the big Legos, which are a variety of bright colors, and much easier to place on top of one another. We stuck colored masking tape to the wall and windows and let them pull it off - some even tried to stick it back again. "Old MacDonald" puppets were out for them to explore and hear the song and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" with the teachers is fast becoming a favorite activity. To continue the color theme, tomorrow they will have a chance to stick colorful felt shapes to our felt board, pull yarn out of wipes containers and mix ice cubes and paint together for an interesting sensory experience. The younger babies will have a chance to try their hand at painting when we put paint into a baggie and let them push on it to mix different colored paint together and as always, we sit and talk about the weather outside of the window and generally what they see around them. We have many more colorful activities planned for the rest of the week, should be a lot of fun!

Fun with Snow - Infant

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on January 23, 2020 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Wrapping up the week in the infant room has been a blast! We’ve continued to explore snow in the sensory bin as a group. Those who were interested have been more willing to touch the snow initially. As we explored the snow, we talked more about the way it feels on our hands, the color of it and best of all talking about where we can see the snow outside our classroom window! We’ve explored jumbo crayons and practicing making marks on large white poster boards! Tapping the crayons on the poster boards, as well as making large horizontal marks together on the poster was awesome to see! Another challenging activity we did was taping clear contact paper to the wall! Both the older and younger infants showed interest in the activity, and we had so much fun as a group taking miscellaneous items and sticking them to the contact paper as well as pulling them back off! We’ve explored baby dolls, singing songs about our eyes ears and nose and enjoying different animal puzzles! Until next time!