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Summer Fun - Older Toddler

Posted by on June 24, 2021 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

This weeks theme is "Summer"


The children made "Lemonade" by stamping spools on paper and gluing on straws, Ice cream cones by decorating with paint. sprinkles and a cherry on top, Fish- out of cupcake liners and gluing on eyes and stamping bubbles with paint and a Sun- by painting yellow and gluing on orange ray stripes.

Tuesday- Swim Day

Math/Fine Motor

Practice counting with lemon/lime/fruit cubes with cups, Ice cream bowls with colored ice cream toppers to practice color recognition and matching, colored blocks /linking chain blocks to build and snap together to manipulate materials/hands/fingers, fish bowls with fish and tongs to practice grip and strengthen fine motor and paper sun with clothespins and string to work clothespins by squeezing with thumb/index fingers to open and close, Fruit/veggie counters with corn trays, popsicle stand to snap together and watermelon lacing plates to practice eye-hand coordination, stringing and grip.

Summer Songs/Poems

In Summer, summer Melon, Summer and Lemonade.

Fathers - Older Toddler

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This weeks theme is "Father's"


Working on Father's Day gifts/cards


we explored with match box cars and tubes as the children rolled them down in tubes watching them come out the other end and watching the distance, We explored with various balls-baseball, soccer and football rolling them down ramps to see which one rolls the best, We sorted Legos and stacked by colors and used pound benches to pound in shapes on the bench to make them come out on the other side of bench- repeating.

Motor Development

Bean bag toss- we tossed bean bags outside in boxes and in the sir trying to catch them, we marble painted with golf balls, parachute play by doing high rises and Ring Around the Rosie, and corks and bottles practicing dropping the corks one at a time in the bottles and dumping them out by turning them upside down.

Social Emotional

We will work in teams of 2 to build towers

Songs: we will practice singing "Father's Day songs and motions all week.

Fun with Under the Sea - Older Toddler

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We stamped with sea animal stampers with ink pads, painted paper plates blue , added green see weed and colored paper fish, made star fish by gluing on cheerios and Friday we will make a paper collage with blue, green, whit and black paper.


We used ocean animal counters with cupcake tins for sorting and counting, Magnet and shoe horse wands with magnet tubes/balls and Friday, we will build with various size wooden blocks.

Motor Development

Sea animals with sand to manipulate in the sand, animal lacing boards with shoe strings to practice eye-hand coordination and finger/hand grasp, Ocean stickers w/ paper to peel using fingers and Friday, we will explore with blue play dough and ocean counters


Under The Sea, Listen to Your Fish,Deep Se Dive,The Parrot Fish and Ten Little Fish-

Thursday & Friday

Letter Stampers, Chalk boards w/ chalk, Watermelon Sink or Float?

Super Hero - Older Toddler

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We made Super Kindness power cuffs by gluing glitter and lightening strips on colored long paper, Superhero crown by gluing on stars on red paper, Spiderman webs by gluing on spiders and black yarn to red paper and tomorrow, we will make Captain America shields by gluing on red/blue paper squares to paper plate and white star.


We practiced counting with colored bear counters and number strips by placing bears on the lines, Bubble Gum machine counting with large bingo chips and placed them on the bubble gum ball, Button grid with colored shaped buttons to match and tomorrow we will explore with number foam puzzles.

Motor Development

The children manipulated rubber bands with hands to stretch over cans to strengthen hand/finger grip and stretch bands, We practiced stringing log pieces and stars with shoe strings, peg boards to practice eye-hand coordination and, tomorrow we will practice cutting with safety scissors and paper, grip and manipulation.

Song this week: we have been listening to and singing to "Alphabet Superhero" on YouTube, it was a big hit.

Handwashing review: Modeled proper handwashing with play sink to remind how we need to wash our hands

Health & Wellness: we will discuss different water sources, importance and ways water is helpful to us with pictures.

Fun with Camping - Older Toddler

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The children made a camp fire by gluing on brown paper logs and using koosh rings to stamp yellow/orange paint on the logs, painted with marshmallows on paper, we made Binoculars with colored paper tubes/glued on stickers and string, Star stamping with cookie cutter with yellow paint on blue paper and made lanterns out of clear cups and stuffed yellow/orange/red tissue paper inside with a pipe cleaner handle.

Motor Development

Hook the fish with pipe cleaners-try to hook the fish using pipe cleaner to work on eye-hand coordination and hand/finger grasp, Ring Toss- with cones and paper plates to practice motor development and aim and Friday we will do a music and movement with animal carpet squares.


Marshmallow counting with pretend fire buckets, we will match colored coins to paper to practice recognition and patterning, cotton ball counting with tongs and real ice cream cones and we will make S mores on Friday.


Songs this week: A Camping We Will Go and Camp Fire Pokey

Books: Curious George Goes Camping, Maisy Goes Camping, Spots Camping Trip, Peppa Goes Camping and Baby Bear Camping

Friday: Make S mores, Discus fire camp safety: Don't touch camp fire or get close and 'What do you take camping?" write down children's response.

Gong to the Circus! - Older Toddler

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The children made a paper plate clown with various materials to glue on, Clown Hat- gluing on glitter tissue paper, Popcorn Bags- glued on letters that spell popcorn along with a popcorn box name tag, Cotton Candy - glued on cotton balls to colored tube and tomorrow, the children will make a Lion out of rigatoni on yellow paper plate with eyes and nose.


The children used chip dots to count and place on board, Circus tickets to slide in slits of circus box and count the tickets, Balloon color match by naming the various colored balloons and matching, snap blocks to count while stacking and tomorrow, we will use Bingo Circus boards to match the various Circus animals.

Fine Motor

The children explored with packing peanuts/tongs/containers to practice grasp and lifting peanuts with tongs for eye-hand coordination, Colorful chip clips with popcorn boxes tp practice squeezing with fingers to open and close chip clip while placing all around the box, play dough/slime with candy apple sticks to manipulate the play dough and tomorrow, the children will crawl through obstacle course.


We will make popcorn with our popcorn machine, crawl through flaming hoops while pretending we are Lions and Ring Toss outside on play ground.

Gardening Fun - Older Toddler

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This weeks theme is "Gardening"


The children made flowers by using forks to stamp, painted with real tree branches with paint, painted real rocks with orange/green paint, made paper plate lady bugs by painting with Loofah's and gluing on spots and eyes and, tomorrow the children will paint with potato mashers to make sunflowers.


The children explores with number flowers to practice number recognition, matched various shapes to shape sorter containers, stacked wooden number blocks and said numbers aloud, manipulated various fruits/veggies by placing them in veggie bowls/trays- we named all the ne veggies and tomorrow we will practice number matching with colored circles to make a caterpillar.

Fine Motor

The children practiced stringing cheerios on pipe cleaners to make caterpillars, explored with cardboard fairy houses and tree branches to poke holes to strengthen finger/hand manipulation, and tomorrow we will make "cloud Dough" and whisk water and soap to make bubbles and work arms/hands/fingers.


Ring Around the Veggie, make "Cloud Dough" and name parts of a plant and post on word wall.

Celebrating Moms - Older Toddler

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This week we talked about mothers and mothers day. We talked about all the wonderful things our moms do for us and how they show their love. The children loved making their mothers day gifts for their mothers and being apart of the whole process.


On Monday at the manipulative table we used bracelets with small construction cones to place around and count while taking on and off of the cones. At the math table we used flower cut outs to match to our colored links by color. For art we did some finger painting with black paint on a strawberry cut out.


On Tuesday at the manipulative table we used play dough and Mr. potato head pieces to make our own families with adding arms, hair, hats and facial features. At the math table we counted fake flowers while putting them into vases. For art we made flower hand prints on green paper.


On Wednesday at the manipulative table we used houses with people and animals to play with. At the math table we used colored popscile sticks and containers to match the colors and place them into the container. The kids also were able to use the sticks to pretend to build. For art we worked very hard on our mothers day gifts.

On Thursday at the manipulative table we made our mothers day cards using stickers, stamps. Markers and crayons. At the math table we used color sorting fruit to match to the correct color and sorting them out. For art we ripped pieces of paper up and glued it onto hearts.


On Friday at the manipulative table we will use veggie counters and tongs to pick up and count the Veggies while placing them into the containers. At the math table we will string colored flowers onto string to make bracelets for the moms.

All About Transportation - Older Toddler

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This weeks theme is "Transportation"


Paper plate cars- the children painted their plate blue and glued on car parts, we painted with cars by dipping them in paint and rolling on paper, we made traffic light by gluing on red, yellow and green circles on black paper, made sail boats by gluing on materials and tomorrow we will glue on various trains on paper.


We sorted various vehicle counters and matched to same color paper, matched colored cars, cars with road to follow distance, number boats with gel for water and tomorrow we will drop corks in bottles for counting

Motor Development

We dropped coins in container slits, drove cars on paper with makers attached to make many marks/scribbles, Vehicle puzzles for manipulation and dry erase board tracing to practice grip and eye- hand coordination.

Health & Wellness

Tomorrow we will make vegetable soup, explore all the different vegetables, Apple boat float- make a bout out of an apple to see if it floats or sinks.

Music and Movement

Today we paired up children by two's, sat on the floor and rowed our boats to the music while singing, Traffic light bean bag Toss- the children took turns tossing the bean bags onto the traffic light board and we named the colors

Learning About Recycling - Older Toddler

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This week we are talking about recycling. We asked that you brought in a recyclable for us to use to make a collage out of these items. The children really enjoyed sharing what they brought in.


On Monday for math we did a science experiment using dancing rice in a jar with baking soda, vinegar and rice adding some food coloring. At the manipulative table we used paper towel tubes and glued news paper and stickers to decorate our tubes. For art we made newspaper flowers by gluing newspaper and old buttons onto paper making flowers.


On Tuesday for math we used plastic bottles with colored clothespins to match by color. At the manipulative table we used earth bottles to drop and count the corks into plastic bottles and shake them to empty them out. For art we used recycled bottles to stamp onto paper.


On Wednesday for math we used recycled paper to sort mail into a mailbox. At the manipulative table we used green and blue play dough with bottle caps and lids to press down into the play dough. For art we made earth out of blue shaving cream paint.


On thursday for math we used color objects to match to the correct colored recycle bins. At the maniplatuve table we used green and blue popsciles sticks with tongs to put into containers. For art we used our hands to paint green hand prints all over a big blue circle as the earth.