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It's All About You, Dad! - Pre-K

Posted by on June 17, 2021 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

This week has been all about our dads, grandpas and uncles and all those special male figures in our life! We have learned our dads names, where they work and their favorite snacks and drinks! Oh boy, we learned a lot about you dads this week! We worked on some ADORABLE gifts and we cannot wait to give them to you on Sunday (although most of these boys and girls won't be able to wait that long to give it to you!). For our language this week, we have been working on our writing skills ("dad", "grandpa" and "uncle") and also learning how to spell our dads names. We also filled out a dad questionarre and said how much we love our dads. Our math has included putting sprinkles on "doughnuts" and some domino play. Our science table has been busy (and a little loud) with various sensory bottles to explore. We added some tools in the block area to build and construct with. Our field trip on Tuesday included rock wall climbing at Nosotros and a trip to Kaufmann park. Wednesday was water play day and we used some new water bottles to spray the toys, walls and each other! Thursday was all about Bohlken Park where we played soccer and enjoyed having the park to ourselves.

Summer is Here! - Pre-K

Posted by on June 10, 2021 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

SUMMER has officially arrived and with that comes FIELD TRIPS! That is right, we went on our first two field trips this week. Monday was a normal day for nothing too exciting. We began our lesson plan of Under the Sea and began learning about the different animals that can live there. But on Tuesday, we went to Elmwood Park where the children played on the playground and we went on a hike. While we were on our hike, we saw two deer just lounging around! Unfortunately, the rain cut it a little short but we were able to color and draw under the pavilion before coming back to school. Wednesday was swim day which turned out great! Tara and I were a little worried that the children would not go in the pools because of how cold the water was but our pre-kers are fearless and went right in! We even brought out our speaker and we jammed out to Trolls World Tour while hanging poolside. Today, we went to Tri City Park where we enjoyed the playground and swings. We also played with our field toys out in a huge grassy area. We will continue our fun tomorrow with half the class going to Weaving Supply. We hope the children had an amazing week and we will have more fun next week!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chasity and Tara

Super Heroes with Super Powers - Pre-K

Posted by on June 3, 2021 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

We are all SUPER and all have powers of some sort, some are just more visible than others. We did our wishful thinking and had many discussions about being invisible or running at the speed of light. We all wish we could fly or lift up a school bus with one hand. The truth of the matter is, our super powers are that we are brave, kind and giving. We are smart and generous with our time and attention. We talked about what a true SUPER HERO is and we decided that not all superheros wear capes. Superheros are policemen, firefighters, coaches, construction workers, teachers and SOOO many more. We did a lot of talking this week, but we also did some fun hands-on activities as well. We painted green paper towel tubes and turned them into Ninja Turtles. We also decorated our own capes because, well, all the cool superheros wear capes! We will also be making some superhero puppets on Friday. For our math this week, we have been recognizing numbers (some 1-20, some higher numbers). We have been working with magnetic shapes in the science area and tried out a fun experiment to see if our (paper) superhero could fly! We also played with various superhero figurines all week! What a fun week!

Happy Campers - Pre-K

Posted by on May 28, 2021 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Hiya happy campers!

We have had a fun filled week this week learning all about camping. Fun fact about Miss Chasity...even though she loves to be out in nature and taking walks in the metro parks, she has never been camping! Anyway, let's talk about our week here in pre-k. It has been a full house this week because we have four friends from preschool transitioning over. All the children have been so kind and welcoming and are excited to start the summer with these friends. While that excitement has been occurring, we have also been discussing what we would bring if we went camping. We learned the word "essentials" and what it means which is something that we absolutely need. The class agreed that for camping, we need a sleeping bag, tent, wood for fire, and of course the ingredients to make s'mores!!" We also discussed that in order to make s'mores, we need marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. This week, the children created fun art which includes making a tent out of craft sticks, painting with the large marshmallows and making a campfire with foil and creating a sticker collage using camping stickers. The children also told us what they would bring if they went camping and drew a picture to go with it which are hanging up on the door! The children also wrote out some camping words this week as well. The children had fun digging in the dirt outside and finding the different bugs around the know the kind of bugs you would find camping! It was fun having the children bring in their sleeping bags this week as well. We hope that everyone enjoyed camping out in pre-k as much as Miss Tara and myself did! Until next time happy campers!

The Greatest Show on Earth - Pre-K

Posted by on May 20, 2021 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, it would have been anyway! We usually put on the biggest and best circus each year. This time around, things are very different, but that didn't stop us from having the best of fun! We have been clowns, acrobats, stilt walkers, tight rope walkers and oh so many animals! At the art table, we painted with blown-up balloons and decorated our own paper balloon decoration. Our science this week has been taken outside! We have been tracing some animal shadows while we sit in the sun! Our math has been a lot of sorting clowns by color or making a pattern with the various rainbow of hues. We have also written some circus words in shaving cream for fun and played alphabet BINGO until we were ready to go pro at the local church on a Friday night! Look out...we come bearing some BINGO dabbers of our own and maybe a snack or two! We LOVE to play BINGO! We will be wrapping up our fun week with a trapeze act...just kidding! But we will be hanging from the monkey bars outside and hoping for a net at the bottom! It wasn't the week we planned, but we are happy we had it and made the best of it! Until next year...

Gardening - Pre-K

Posted by on May 13, 2021 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Families!

We had such a fun week this week learning about gardening! We are happy to hear that our friends have their own gardens at home...please keep us updated on how they turn out. We love receiving pictures from you all. This week, the children worked on beginning sounds and letter recognition activities at the language table. At the math table, the children worked on ten frames and number recognition activities such as clip cards. At the science table all week, we have the life cycle of a plant. The goal was for the children to put the pictures in the correct order of how a seed grow into a plant. We also had a great discussion on what a plant needs in order to grow which the main two answers were water and sun. We also discussed how we all are like plants too because we all need water, some sun and rest in order to grow! :) Some of the children this week helped Miss Tara dig a hole in our garden so we could put our sunflower seeds in there! We hope that all of your sunflowers are starting to grow bigger and bigger each day. We had such a fun week learning about everyone's garden and what everyone grows! Just to keep in mind, Miss Tara and myself love tomatoes so if anyone has some tomatoes in their gardens...we would love some! :) We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and to enjoy the weather...I heard it is supposed to be nice and warm! Happy Weekend everyone!

All about you this week, MOM! - Pre-K

Posted by on May 6, 2021 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

We made this week all about our mom’s! From the Question of the Day each morning, to all of our discussions at our groups and free times, we talked about our moms! These boys and girls REALLY love their mom’s! They may not know exactly what you do for work, but they know you are busy and they LOVE you to the moon and back! At the art table, we finished up some really cool presents and made some great drawings of us and you, mom! At the language table, we have been busy talking about our moms and what they like, eat and how they get to relax (but folding laundry doesn’t really sound like relaxing!). We also worked on some rhyming words, but as always it came back to “what rhymes with ‘mom’?” Well, not a lot, to be honest, but they tried! At the math table, we put together shapes to make pictures and put number blocks in order from 1-20. At the science table, we worked with magnetic pieces all week. We have magnetic marbles too and those are always a big hit! As always, our outside time is our favorite time. The rain didn’t hold us back from going out this week either. We changed out our basket for the outdoors and have added some golf clubs and golf balls. You may just see one of these boys or girls in one of those fancy green blazers some day...look out Master’s!

Transportation Fun! - Pre-K

Posted by on April 29, 2021 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Beep...beep...honk...honk!! Transportation was in full effect this week. The children and I had very good discussions at group this week when deciding the different types of transportation. We said many things such as cars, airplanes, boats, scooters, bikes, our feet, trucks, skateboards and a pogo stick just to name a few! We created many fabulous masterpieces at art which includes painting with cars, a hot air balloon out of a coffee filter and an airplane out of craft sticks. We watched a special show from Playhouse Square called "The Snail and the Whale." It was a cute show and we plan to watch it again sometime soon since we have it till May 16th! We had some show-n-tell fun this week as well seeing all the different types of transportation toys that our peers have at home. We had everything from trains to cars to boats and the trucks that pull the boats! This week has been so much fun learning about different modes of transportation! Who knew there were so many things that can get us places. We hope that the children enjoyed this week and it was fun to see all their transportation toys. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Bugs/Insects - Pre-K

Posted by on April 15, 2021 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Pre-k Families!

We hope that you have been having a wonderful week! The children have been having a lot of fun learning about bugs/insects. This week, we learned about the life cycle of a butterfly since we officially got our caterpillars last week and boy are they growing fast! Each day, the children go over to our Parent Corner and will check on them...many of our friends have noticed that the caterpillars are starting to release their silk to make a cocoon. We had some fun creating different pieces of art by using bug swatters, our hands and fingers and pom poms. We worked on our rhyming words and letter recognition this week as well. Outside has been fun this week because the children have taken the time to dig in the designated area to find different insects and bugs such as worms and ladybugs! This week for math, we worked on our graphing skills and worked on number recognition activities. The children also learned about the life cycle of a spider and a ladybug. We never knew how many changes a ladybug goes through just to become one. The children sorted the insects via no wings vs. wings and we used even more insects to work on our fine motor skill by using the tongs to pick them up. It was fun learning about the different insects and bugs this week! We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and that you all find some bugs in your backyard!

Oh the Fur! - Pre-K

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This week was all about pets and we learned a lot about the pets all of our families have! We learned that some have cats, most have dogs, some have fish and some have guinea pigs! Miss Chasity has the most pets with dogs, cats and lots and lots of chickens! We also learned what animals we would like to have, but our mommies and daddies tell us "no!" There are several boys and girls that wish they had fish, some want guinea pigs and most want farm animals like horses and pigs! Today's Question of the Day was "Do you want a pet dinosaur?" Some of the children had put their names under the "yes" column. Later, we heard a story about a family with a pet dinosaur that made a mess everywhere! Some of the "yes" children quickly changed their names to "no" after hearing that book! We painted with feathers and made animals out of play dough. We figured out "homes" for specific animals and determined which animals would like to live in a cage, zoo or farm. Tomorrow, we will be making our own pet "snake". We are having a GREAT time outside this week! Talk about perfect weather! We brought out some new toys and pretend food. We have had "picnics" all week!