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Fun with Cooking - Young Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on January 14, 2021 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)


The children painted with whisk's and spatula's on paper, made a collage out of food magazine pictures, explored with cookie cutters and playdough and Friday the children will stamp with real apples on paper.


The children explored with containers/lids as they begin to match the same lids, paper tubes and small food counters to practice naming colors and counting as they roll them down the tubes, and playing cards with containers to practice saying numbers as they drop them in the containers.

Fine Motor

The children were very excited and interested in Hula Hoop- walking and crawling through, Q-tip and foil painting to work on finger grasp and manipulation on the foil, threading cheerios on spaghetti noodle to practice eye-hand coordination, tossing bean bags into baskets and count as we go and Friday, the children will string rigatoni on string to practice lacing and building finger strength.

Healthy & Safety

Used parachute while listening to "Fruit Salad" by the "Wiggles" and talk about food and on Friday, we will recite "Peanut Butter and jelly Rhyme" while using activity food cards during a short group time.


Baby's First Food, If You Give Mouse a Cookie, I like Vegetables, Lunch and Hola Jalapeno

Learning About Space - Young Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on January 7, 2021 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

For art the children made rockets by gluing on foam pieces and foil, moon- by stamping with koosh rings with blue paint on paper plates, Sun- painting with orange paint inside of baggies, Earth- sponge painting with blue paint on green paper circles and tomorrow the children will make a space wreath by painting with black paint and adding space stickers.


For math this week, the children explored with ABC peg boards and pegs for counting with teacher help, colored cones and ring bracelets to stack and count, sorting colored bubble blocks by color and count with teacher and tomorrow the children will explore with planets/solar system match cards while the teacher names the planets and helps the children match the cards.

Fine Motor

The children had glow stars on blue paper and chalk to make marks on the paper to follow the stars, Styrofoam blocks and straws to practice pushing them down into the blocks to strengthen fingers and hands and grip, Blue and green bingo dabbers to practice grip and eye-hand coordination, blue and green playdough with straws to make them stand up by pushing down into the playdough, and tomorrow the children will practice using tongs by squeezing and opening to pick up foil balls and put then into the buckets.


Good Night Moon, Stars and Roaring Rocket

Tomorrow the children will make Moon sand and explore the texture on their own trays(Flour and baby

Winter - Young Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on December 11, 2020 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (3)

This weeks theme is "Winter"

For art this week the children marble painted with boxes as they moved their box back and forth to watch the marbles roll and make designs on their paper, Lufa painted on large green poster board paper with red painted to make a X-Mas tree for the front window and today, the children will explore with shaving cream and food coloring by laying their paper on top to make a design. When they are done, they will explore the shaving cream with their hands to explore sensory as well.

For math this week we practiced colors by naming and matching paper colored mittens by asking "what color" and teacher help and snowflake prints with playdough by pressing the star shapes onto the playdough . We also did a science experiment with Ice , salt, water and food coloring. We poured salt on the ice and added color to the ice and slowly poured water over the ice to watch what happens. The children were amazed by staying focused on the experiment and waiting to see it melt and bubble.

Fine motor this week, we had salt trays with hidden pictures underneath and craft sticks to move the salt around and "find the picture". This allows the children to manipulate the craft stick using their fingers/hand grasp and problem-solve by moving the salt around to find the hidden picture.We also explored with match box cars and tubes to slide them in the tube and watch for them to slide out the other end. This activity allows the children to make things happens as they learn to explore with the materials provided.

Today, we will crumple up paper for a snowball toss then add it to the parachute for music and movement and sing 5 Little Snowflakes with props before lunch.

Books we read this week were "The Mitten, Winter Babies, Let It Snow, Five Little Snowflakes and Gingerbread Man"

Stomping Our Feet with the Dinosaurs - Young Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on December 3, 2020 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings from the Young Toddler room! This week we have been learning all about Dinosaurs. On Monday, we stomped our feet, roared super loud, touched our toes, eyes and nose for T-Rex Says! Our favorite for sure was seeing how loud we can roar. Tuesday, we filled our large slot containers by dropping and pushing in small dinosaur cutouts, practicing pulling the lid off and dumping them all out. For art on Wednesday, we placed our dinosaur shape paper into a deep tray along with paint and some marbles. We then rocked the tray side to side to make the marbles roll all around leaving marble trails all over the dinosaur. Today, we sorted all of the dinosaurs toys by putting all the big dinosaurs into one pile and small dinosaurs into another making big roars for big dinosaurs and small roars for small dinosaurs as we sorted them. Tomorrow we will finish out our Dinosaur lesson plan with our Volcano art activity. The Young Toddlers use a paint brush to glue a volcano to construction paper and then use sponges with red and orange paint to paint their erupting volcano! Next week we'll be learning all about Winter. Until next time!

Talking About Families - Young Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 19, 2020 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

This week’s theme in the Young Toddler room is Family. To start our family themed activities, the young toddlers practiced sign language for Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister as well as Cat and Dog since pets are a part of many families as well. Each young toddler created a family collage of their family for art using die cut construction paper moms, dads, brothers, and sisters to glue onto their construction paper with paint brushes to apply with glue. On Tuesday, for our fine motor activity, we used red, blue, and green bingo daubers to make dots all over our house shaped paper. Wednesday, we danced around for music and movement to family songs and made lots of noise with maracas, tambourines and using medium size containers as drums. Today, we played Mommy/Daddy Say (like Simon Says) to clap your hands, shout hooray, and go to sleep! For “go to sleep” we would all lay down and close our eyes and then jump back up! Tomorrow, we will end our week of Family themed activities with talking and doing activities all about pets! We will use picture cue cards to practice saying cat, dog, bird, bunny and fish as well as painting with our hands to make “paw-prints” on our construction paper. Next week’s theme is Thanksgiving! Until next time!

Having Fun with Theme Week - Young Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 12, 2020 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings from the young toddler room! This week is Theme Week! We began our week reading "Stop! Go, Yes! No". We explored building and stacking with multicolored rings and watching them all fall down! On Tuesday, we celebrated all things Disney! We had a blast reading "Mickey's Choo Choo Express" and making Mickey Mouse paper plates decorated with mouse ears and red and black circles! Today, we celebrated Veteran's Day while wearing red, white and blue. We had so much fun creating our very own flag with stripes and stars made from tissue paper. Tomorrow is Sunglasses Day! We will begin our day singing "Mr. Golden Sun". Throughout the day, our young toddler friends will each get a chance to stand in our classroom mirror with their sunglasses and view their reflections. We'll end our week with Crazy Hair Day! The young toddlers will exercise their fine motor skills by clipping hairbows onto small bowls and painting on paper with red paint and Q-Tips. What a fun-filled week! Next week's theme is all about families! Until next time.

Exploring the World - Young Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on November 5, 2020 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

This week's theme in the Young Toddler room is Around the World! We started out the week looking at our planet, Earth and the colors we see. For our art activity, we use our hands and fingers to paint blue and green fingerprints and hand prints onto our circle construction paper. Tuesday, we listened to African music and imitated the drums we could hear as we danced. Wednesday, we made our very own London bus with a red construction bus cutout and used paint brushes and glue to add many windows. Today, we practiced our fine motor with “chopsticks” tongs to pick up pom pom balls from a small bowl. Tomorrow, we will end our adventure around the world by practicing animal pose yoga. We will imitate a giraffe, flamingo, monkey, crocodile and more! Next week, we will be doing Theme week! Until next time!

Happy Halloween - Young Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on October 29, 2020 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings from the young toddler room! What a spooktacular week we've had! This week's theme was all about Halloween. We began the week with one of our favorite Halloween books, "Pete the Cat: Trick or Treat" and practiced our art skills by making a mummy with construction paper, cotton balls and glue. On Tuesday, we got creative with festive Halloween play-dough and cookie cutters before beginning our classroom scavenger hunt for mini pumpkins around the classroom. Wednesday we explored our fine motor skills with feeding the "monster" cutout from a shoe box, various shape and color cutouts as treats! We also got moving to "the 5 Little Pumpkins" and stacked large soft cube blocks together. Today, we practiced coloring in mini pumpkin notebooks with orange and black crayons. We also had a blast making jack'o lanterns with cutouts and glitter. Tomorrow we will enjoy lots of festivities during our Halloween celebration with games and activities. We look forward to eating our yummy treats and seeing all of our toddler friends in their costumes! What a wonderful week we've had in the young toddler room. Next week's theme is All Around the World! Have a Happy Halloween!

The Magic of Numbers - Young Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on October 22, 2020 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings from the young toddler room! This week, we have explored the magic of numbers. On Monday, we began the week listening to "How many fingers". The young toddlers enjoyed holding up their fingers and counting along with the song. We also explored number shaped magnets on circle shaped cookie trays and decorated large number cutouts with glue and colorful feathers.Tuesday, we practiced counting the "5 Little Monkeys" jumping on the bed in a visual representation on our classroom feltboard. Wednesday, we practiced twisting and untwisting the lids of masons jars while counting plastic golden coins inside! We also enjoyed reading "How DoDdinosuars Count to Ten" together while pointing to the diferrent colored dinosaurs we saw. Today we enjoyed crawling through our classrooom tunnel and counting each friend as the came out from the other side. Tommorw we will experiment with mixing food coloring and icing inside individual, sealed Ziplock bags! Until next time!

Nursery Rhyme Fun - Young Toddler

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on October 15, 2020 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

This week, in the Young Toddler room, we are learning all about Nursery Rhymes. On Monday, the young toddlers dropped 5 little Monkey popsicle sticks into small containers and practiced dumping them all out and starting over. Tuesday, we practiced building large towers with shaker stackers that rattle which made building them up tall and knocking them over noisy and fun! On Wednesday, we explored playing with velcro by using a paper plate spider web and small spider cutouts attached to velcro. The children were able to pull the spiders off the plate and push them back onto the “sticky” web. Today, we sat down for “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” and then took turns going through the long tunnel. Tomorrow, we will be ending our nursery rhyme theme with one of our favorite songs, The Wheels On the Bus! Along with singing, our art activity will be making a yellow school bus. The young toddlers will add windows and wheels to their bus using glue and a paintbrush to paint the glue on and push their pieces onto their school bus. Next week, we will be learning all about numbers! Until next time!