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Under the Sea - Pre-School

Posted by on June 10, 2021 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been a lot of fun learning about what lives under the sea! Monday in art the children glued cheerios to a starfish and in language the children engaged in an under the sea bingo game, and the children talked with each other about the sea animals; Tuesday in art the children painted a lunch bag to start the creation of a jellyfish, in language the children practiced writing ocean/ sea animal words using word cards with picture cues. In math the children sorted animals by if they live under the sea, or not under the sea. Yesterday the children enjoyed their virtual trip with Eco-Explorers and they learned all about insects, the biggest take away they got from it was that there are more insects on earth than people. The children also dictated if they lived under the sea, what they would be and what they would do. The children also enjoyed exploring the yo-yo! It is quite tricky but they had so much fun! Today was our first swimming day and it went so well! The children had a blast and they followed they followed the swim rules and played safely in the water. Tomorrow in rt the children will work on a sea mural, and we will combine it with the math activity to add fish to the sea. In language the children will work with letter sounds by matching the letter to a word of the same beginning sound.

Summer is Here! - Pre-K

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SUMMER has officially arrived and with that comes FIELD TRIPS! That is right, we went on our first two field trips this week. Monday was a normal day for nothing too exciting. We began our lesson plan of Under the Sea and began learning about the different animals that can live there. But on Tuesday, we went to Elmwood Park where the children played on the playground and we went on a hike. While we were on our hike, we saw two deer just lounging around! Unfortunately, the rain cut it a little short but we were able to color and draw under the pavilion before coming back to school. Wednesday was swim day which turned out great! Tara and I were a little worried that the children would not go in the pools because of how cold the water was but our pre-kers are fearless and went right in! We even brought out our speaker and we jammed out to Trolls World Tour while hanging poolside. Today, we went to Tri City Park where we enjoyed the playground and swings. We also played with our field toys out in a huge grassy area. We will continue our fun tomorrow with half the class going to Weaving Supply. We hope the children had an amazing week and we will have more fun next week!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chasity and Tara

Supe Hero Fun! - Young Toddler

Posted by on June 3, 2021 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

It has been all about superheroes this week and the children have had a blast! For art activities, they put their hand prints on paper and tomorrow they will make a shield with paper plates and stars! Their fine motor skills have been practiced by trying their hand at fixing rubber bands onto yogurt containers and manipulating home made playdoh. For a fun science experiment, they will watch watch what happens when blown up balloons are filled with baking soda and vinegar, stay tuned for the results! We have been singing all kinds of fun songs that get them up and moving and listening to fun stories in books and the felt board (Little Red Riding Hood was a big hit). All of this while working on table manners and playing outside with all of our friends! Next week, we will be having fun learning about the animals under the sea and we start swimming!

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...- Infant

Posted by on June 3, 2021 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This week in the infant classroom the theme is Superheroes! We have had a blast this week but here are a few favorites. The older infant’s loved talking about superheroes in our community like doctors and firemen while we explored community helper dolls. We listened to stories about animals and practiced pointing to and talking about the animals we saw on the pages. The infant’s also explored bubble wrap and practiced taking steps on or feeling the texture together. Our younger infant’s stood in shallow water and loved to talk out loud with teachers how the water feels and what we think about it. It’s been a great week but we’re excited to move onto a new theme next week! Until then!

Super Hero - Older Toddler

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We made Super Kindness power cuffs by gluing glitter and lightening strips on colored long paper, Superhero crown by gluing on stars on red paper, Spiderman webs by gluing on spiders and black yarn to red paper and tomorrow, we will make Captain America shields by gluing on red/blue paper squares to paper plate and white star.


We practiced counting with colored bear counters and number strips by placing bears on the lines, Bubble Gum machine counting with large bingo chips and placed them on the bubble gum ball, Button grid with colored shaped buttons to match and tomorrow we will explore with number foam puzzles.

Motor Development

The children manipulated rubber bands with hands to stretch over cans to strengthen hand/finger grip and stretch bands, We practiced stringing log pieces and stars with shoe strings, peg boards to practice eye-hand coordination and, tomorrow we will practice cutting with safety scissors and paper, grip and manipulation.

Song this week: we have been listening to and singing to "Alphabet Superhero" on YouTube, it was a big hit.

Handwashing review: Modeled proper handwashing with play sink to remind how we need to wash our hands

Health & Wellness: we will discuss different water sources, importance and ways water is helpful to us with pictures.

Super Hero Week - Pre-School

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Super Hero week got off to a great start Tuesday when the children drew pictures' of themselves as super heroes. In math the children worked on number matching super heroes and in language they dictated what they could do if they were a super hero. Wednesday in art the children decorated their own super hero ask, in math they worked with a counting puzzle and in language the children engaged in super hero letter matching. Today in art the children painted a super hero shield, in math they worked on counting and number identification as they placed the matching number of people counters to the number. In language the children matched letters to super hero words. Tomorrow in art the children will create a su[er hero poster, in math they ill work with a super hero ten ram and in language they will dictate swimming rules.

Super Heroes with Super Powers - Pre-K

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We are all SUPER and all have powers of some sort, some are just more visible than others. We did our wishful thinking and had many discussions about being invisible or running at the speed of light. We all wish we could fly or lift up a school bus with one hand. The truth of the matter is, our super powers are that we are brave, kind and giving. We are smart and generous with our time and attention. We talked about what a true SUPER HERO is and we decided that not all superheros wear capes. Superheros are policemen, firefighters, coaches, construction workers, teachers and SOOO many more. We did a lot of talking this week, but we also did some fun hands-on activities as well. We painted green paper towel tubes and turned them into Ninja Turtles. We also decorated our own capes because, well, all the cool superheros wear capes! We will also be making some superhero puppets on Friday. For our math this week, we have been recognizing numbers (some 1-20, some higher numbers). We have been working with magnetic shapes in the science area and tried out a fun experiment to see if our (paper) superhero could fly! We also played with various superhero figurines all week! What a fun week!

A Camping We Will Go! - Infant

Posted by on May 28, 2021 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (2)

This week in the infant classroom the theme was camping! The infants had a blast but here are a few crowd favorites. Our older infants loved experimenting with mini flash lights and shining them on the ground and floor around us. The younger infants loved to spot the lights and reach for them as they practiced tummy time and crawling. Our smallest infants enjoyed looking up at and reaching towards bubbles we waved over top of them! We of course practiced shaking different sensory bottles and musical shakers, and making marks on paper with jumbo crayons and chalk with teacher help! It has been a wonderful week but we look forward to a new theme next week. Have a great Memorial day everyone!

Camping - Young Toddler

Posted by on May 28, 2021 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This weeks theme is "Camping"


The children painted with marshmallows by dipping in paint and stamping on paper, worked with and explored with tissue paper and contact by placing on top to stick and make a "Campfire".


The children explores with insect counters by naming insect and color and Explores with various toys by pressing onto playdough to make animal tracks.

Motor Development

The children used Lincoln Logs to manipulate and make their own creations, work and strengthen their finger and hand manipulation with new activities.


We added a tent for the children to play in this week


Huggly Goes Camping, penguins Love Colors, Ten Chirpy Chicks and Curious George Goes Camping

Fun with Camping - Older Toddler

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The children made a camp fire by gluing on brown paper logs and using koosh rings to stamp yellow/orange paint on the logs, painted with marshmallows on paper, we made Binoculars with colored paper tubes/glued on stickers and string, Star stamping with cookie cutter with yellow paint on blue paper and made lanterns out of clear cups and stuffed yellow/orange/red tissue paper inside with a pipe cleaner handle.

Motor Development

Hook the fish with pipe cleaners-try to hook the fish using pipe cleaner to work on eye-hand coordination and hand/finger grasp, Ring Toss- with cones and paper plates to practice motor development and aim and Friday we will do a music and movement with animal carpet squares.


Marshmallow counting with pretend fire buckets, we will match colored coins to paper to practice recognition and patterning, cotton ball counting with tongs and real ice cream cones and we will make S mores on Friday.


Songs this week: A Camping We Will Go and Camp Fire Pokey

Books: Curious George Goes Camping, Maisy Goes Camping, Spots Camping Trip, Peppa Goes Camping and Baby Bear Camping

Friday: Make S mores, Discus fire camp safety: Don't touch camp fire or get close and 'What do you take camping?" write down children's response.