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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

All About Dads - infant

Posted by [email protected] on June 18, 2020 at 2:15 PM

It's a week all about the dads in thier life and we have been busy not only with activities about dads but also with ones that have them using all their devlopmental skills that are blossoming right now. They were able to practice fine motor skills by holding crayons and coloring on envelopes and for those that couldn't quite manage to move the crayon on their own, the teachers were using hand over hand to help them make marks, they all seemed facinated to watch the various colors show up on the envelope. Then, while we had the small group playing with the shape sorter toys, the younger ones were busy clapping two of the blocks together while the older ones were able to take the pieces out of the teachers hands and drop them into the top of the wooden sort toys. We turned off the lights and shone flashlights onto different surfaces and then talked about the various colors they could see while doing that. The magnifying glasses were not only fun to look at their toys with but the ones that are also mirrored provided a chance for them to see their facial body parts while the teacher pointed them out (eyes, nose, mouth). They are learning to identify their friends and some are starting to point to them while we sing and ask them where they are at in the classroom. Several of them are perfecting their walking skills and are learning to stand and throw balls at the same time, this was very exciting! The music shakers provided some interesting discoveries - how did they sound when they are all pulled apart versus when they are stuck all together. All of this while fitting in some books about daddies and grandpa's has made for a busy, fun week. Next week is all about summer!

Categories: INFANT ROOM