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Class Blogs

Class Blogs

Summer Fun - Pre-School

Posted by [email protected] on June 25, 2020 at 2:35 PM

Hi everyone!

This week we are doing activities related to summer. Earlier in the week we used popsicle sticks to help work on our letter identification. We also used them to help recognize our letters by matching the popsicle sticks. Today we had a scavenger hunt for letters hidden around the room. For math this week, we worked on our knowledge that a number means a certain amount. We used "ice cream scoops" to put an identified amount of scoops onto a cone. Today we strung fruit loops onto pipe cleaners and counted the amount strung of every color. This helps with color identification and counting, but is also a nice treat after doing all of the work! We have been creative with materials we can paint with this week and have used bubbles, string, and foil to paint pictures. While most of our discussions about summer were focused on activities we do during the day, I also wanted to add in nighttime summer activities. We talked about how many stars we can see in the sky at night and learned about the planets in the sun's orbit. We read the ABC's of the Universe and there were a lot of questions about what stars are and why we can't see all of them. Many kids were also interested in astronauts so I am going to find a video of an astronaut for them to view tomorrow!

This has been such a fun week!