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Christmas Fun - Pre-School

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on July 23, 2020 at 2:25 PM

Talking about Christmas this week has been fun, and we have seen a lot of happiness on the children’s faces. In play the children have been talking together and saying: “it’s okay if it’s not snowing outside, we can still celebrate Christmas.” Monday in art the children glued together an elf and in language they described different items such as a Christmas tree, dog, table, and banana. Tuesday, the children made a Christmas tree with Styrofoam plates plates with holes in it and green yarn to string through the holes; this was a good activity for fine motor skills and eye hand coordination. In math the children were given 10 slices of a pool noodle with a number on it, and they needed to place the corresponding number of toothpicks in the noodle. This activity focused on counting and number identification; this was also another good fine motor experience. In the afternoon the children made their own maracas by scooping rice inside and egg, adding a small rock and the teacher taped it closed and taped spoon handles onto it, the children loved this activity and getting to shake them all afternoon. Wednesday in art the children made a snow card for one of their friends. In language it’s about to knock the alphabet down by tossing a ball at lettered cups and identify the letters that fell over, and in math they counted chocolate chips on a cookie so they could “give to the mouse.” Today in language the children rolled a letter die and then matched with letters on the table. In math the children explored shapes and traced them with a popsicle stick, and in art the children painted with a cotton ball which was their “snowball” Tomorrow in language the children will work on letter sounds by sorting words by their first letter sound. In math the children will toss bean bags onto a large poster board of numbers, and identify the number the bean bag lands on, and in art they will be doing more easel painting!!


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