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Animal Fun - Pre-School

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on September 3, 2020 at 2:30 PM

The children have been exploring the rainforest and the jungle through books and activities this week. We started the week with jungle animal's book and with guessing animals sounds. The children enjoyed the guessing game and were quiet to wait for the next sound. Monday in language they matched the first letters of their name. In math they worked on counting up to 10 with different animals. In art they explored how fun it is to paint with a lion foot print or a tiger tail.

Tuesday the children worked with pocket words, they needed to place the matching letter to the word, into the pocket by the matching letter.In math the children worked on counting again, and number identification by counting jungle animals and one of the children noticed that in our "cardboard jungle" the most animals we had was the giraffes. Painting with leaves was explored in art.

Wednesday the children traced letters with q-tips to help strengthen their small muscles. In math the children engaged in more counting by counting how many monkeys were in the tree. In art the children drew their favorite jungle animal and at the end of the the day we had our rain-forest and jungle all setup with their drawings.

Sorting uppercase and lowercase letters was the language topic today and math was matching numbers. Art was fun today with spray bottle painting and we extended it and took the bottles outside to spry the walls.

Tomorrow in language ithe children will put together the sticky notes words with the wall words and math will be all about sorting the bears by size and in art some finger painting fun!


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