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Welcome to the Jungle - Pre-K

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on September 3, 2020 at 2:30 PM

We have been having fun this week monkeying around in the pre-k room. The children have been learning all about the jungle and rain forest. Each day, we have been going over the different layers of the rain forest and some of the animals that can live there. If you did not know, the rain forest has 4 layers: the emergent (where birds live), the canopy (sloths live), the understory (tree frogs live) and the forest floor (tigers and jaguars live). This week, the children played with safari animals and while playing, many of our friends would make the animal noises :). We have been having fun playing the "guess the animal" sound game on the computer. It is amazing how similar some of these jungle/ rain forest animals sound! We also played some Jungle BINGO and have been working on writing jungle animal words such as macaw, toucan, butterfly and snake. Our pre-k friends have also worked on some fine motor activities this week with cutting out different shapes and playing with their play-doh. This week, Miss Chasity has set up a daily job board for the children which includes the task of carrying the basket outside, a door holder, a gate holder for when we go out on the playground, and a water bottle holder. Each day a new friend will have a job and will keep that job all week or on the days that they are here. We hope the children enjoyed monkeying around as much as we did and we will continue more fun tomorrow and into next week with a new lesson! We hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday weekend and we will see everyone on Tuesday!

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