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What is Your Job? - Pre-K

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on October 8, 2020 at 2:40 PM

We played a game to do some thinking. We gave clues to see if the boys and girls could think of what community helper we were thinking. We sometimes told a tool, described a uniform or maybe what the person worked with. We also reviewed some fire safety rules, including STOP, DROP and ROLL. We practiced calling 911 on a "phone". On Monday, we did some clean "painting" with red, yellow and orange in a plastic bag. We also made some white paintings with toothpaste while we used a toothbrush on our paper. Today, we made traffic lights and talked about different police officers. For math, we used spatulas and flipped cookies that had numbers on them (and chocolate chips of course!). Our science this week was all about experimenting with various tops. We had bigger bulky tops and we had small round tops and triangular tops. We counted how long a top could spin for too! Outside, we watched the landscapers cut the grass and we got on the topic of if they are community helpers too. The boys and girls decided they HAD to be a community helper because they HELP the community (and school!) look "pretty!" Tomorrow we will playing a path game for the sanitation worker to get to the dump. We will also sing our favorite song for the week, "There's a fire station down the street!" Stay safe and don't forget to discuss your family's plan in case there is a fire.

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