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Fun Nursery Rhymes - Pre-School

Posted by Lakewood Childcare Center on October 15, 2020 at 1:55 PM

We started the week with Mary had a little lamb, then onto Jack and Jill went up the hill and we close the week with Mother Goose’ Nursery Rhymes. Monday, in language the children matched the beginning letter sound to their name, in art they explored letters with letters stamps and in math they placed different objects when given placement directions of in/out/, in front/behind, and inside/outside. Tuesday in language the children matched nursery rhyme picture cards together. In art the children practiced their cutting skills as they cut various shapes and in math the children practiced writing numbers from 1 to 10. On Wednesday in language the children played the rhyming house game, where they placed the picture card into the house name it rhymed with. In math the children picked a number and then added that number of chains to the number card; if they did not identify the numer they counted the dots on the back of the card to determine what itn was. In art they painted with straws. Today in language the children wrote the beginning letters of the words hat, cat, sun, run, fly, and sky and we focused on those beginning letter sounds. In math the played a memory game with numbers and in art they painted boxes. Tomorrow the children will create a story using pictures from the storytellers box game and in math the children will match and name shapes around the classroom. In art they will draw the friend who is sitting in front of them.


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