Lakewood Childcare Center

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This is the sign for “apple”. We have them try to use it either when it is part of their meal or when we are talking about them in books or during activity time (usually accompanied by toys so they can associate the word with the actual item)


Strategies to help with toddler tantrums – give plenty of positive attention, give them control over little things (like choosing between two things – brushing teeth before bed or after), redirect with another toy or activity, help them learn new skills and succeed at them, choose your battles and know and recognize their limits and remember as hard as it is, try to remain calm.

Fun fact about babies –  they cry in the accent of their mother so they will reflect the characteristics of her native language in their cry patterns.



By 4 months , your child may be able to:

  • Babble with expression to try and gain attention
  • Smile, laugh, squeal and sometimes blows bubbles
  • Coo in response to an adult's coo
  • Stare at your mouth while being talked to
  • Have different cries for hunger, pain, tiredness
  • Recognize the sound of their own name