Lakewood Childcare Center

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This is the sign for “share”. This concept isn’t necessarily something they understand right now, but they do connect with “sharing” a toy when they have more than one and a friend doesn’t have any, so they hear it and are learning the concept through example.


Infants and toddlers use math concepts to make sense of their world (with and without our support) with “more” being one of the first that they understand (usually around mealtimes) but also they let us know when they distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar adults (sorting and classifying), they will try to use words that they hear often in speech or song (patterning) and they will try to fit into objects of varying sizes (spatial relationships). Every day that we use to talk to them with “math talk”, the more we grow a positive attitude toward it as they get older.

Fun fact about babies – There is a baby born in the world every 3 seconds!



Language and cognitive skills for a 22 month old:

  • Should have about 20 words in their vocabulary and may be able to combine a couple of them to ask a question or make a statement
  • Mimic an adult’s inflection in speech
  • Name 5 or more body parts when asked
  • Will begin to understand when a book is handed to them upside down and will turn it over to “read” it on their own
  • Will begin “goal setting” – very clear plans on what they want to accomplish and will become frustrated when they can’t or pleased with themselves when successful