Lakewood Childcare Center

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This is the sign for water. Our children use this sign when they want something to drink, though they aren’t necessarily asking for water, they just want something in their cup. It is nice because it gives them another alternative to let us know they are thirsty and it is a pretty easy one for them to make. Sometimes they don’t use all three fingers, just one but they are clear in what they want.


Benefits of play with babies and young toddlers – it helps develop their social, intellectual, language and problem-solving skills all while they are playing and interacting with toys and adults. Play is a building block to help build confidence and flexibility and it helps them learn to think creatively and build social interactions with others. Simply having them listen to and/or explore crinkly paper or playing peek-a-boo, is teaching them about object permanence, colors and textures and different sounds in their environment. Play is a pivotal part of their development and they are having fun while doing it!

Fun fact about babies –A baby is not born proportionately. Their head is a quarter of their total body length and their brain makes up 10% of their total body weight, so the rest of their body grows to catch up.   



By 8 months, your child may start to exhibit:

  • Separation anxiety

  • Shyness or being uncomfortable around strangers

  • Empathy – start to get upset when another baby is also upset

  • Smiles to greet familiar people – starting to understand the permanence of certain familiar people