Lakewood Childcare Center

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This is the sign for play. Once they turn a year old, they are beginning to understand more of what is next and so this sign is a good one for the older children to see before going outside. It helps the transition by giving them a visual reminder of what is coming up next, since they associate outside time with playing. Plus, it is a fun word to learn and sign.


Math talk with infants and toddlers is a fun way to incorporate concepts into their everyday routine and many of us are doing it without even realizing it! We are using geometry when we talk about shapes of objects, when we use relationship words about another person (sitting next to….), or when we use spatial words to describe an action (under, over, through). Whenever you sit and count anything with them, you are using number operations. Measurement concepts are introduced when words like heavy, long, how many are used in a sentence. They are able to make sense of what is happening in their environment when classifying, sorting and analyzing are talked about – big lid on big bowl, dolls in one container and balls in another. All of these are building blocks for later but for now it is a fun way to introduce new concepts into their ever changing environment.

Fun fact about babies – the color red is the first color that they recognize and the colors blue and purple are the last



By the time they reach their first birthday, they should start being able to:

  • Have a couple of words – mama, dada, uh-oh
  • Understand a few simple directions like “come here”
  • Recognize words for common items like shoe
  • Turn and look in the directions of various sounds
  • Try to imitate speech sounds
  • Respond to no and their name