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By the time your baby is 4 months old, they may start to:

• hold their head steady, unsupported

• roll from tummy to back

• bring their hands to their mouths

• push up to their elbows when lying on their belly

• push down on their legs when feet are on a hard surface

• reach up and swing at toys dangling above them

• briefly hold a toy


This is the sign for all done – it is one that most of our children learn quickly, easily and, will do it to mean many things. It is a good sign to help with transitions – we can signal that we are finished with one activity or task before we move on to the next one. Also, it is helpful to signify that something is gone, especially at mealtimes. It is a sign that encompasses many meanings but is helpful with the concept of something being finished or all done.


Math talk with infants and toddlers can lead to successful math experiences as they get older. We use math talk all the time with our babies and some may not even realize that they are doing it. There are several ways that we, as adults, can use math talk daily with our babies. First, simply count items in their environment – count their eyes and compare it to how many eyes a doll has, mention that they have used a word 3 times in a row, or talk about how many crackers they have compared to a sibling. Use words like under, next to, on top of, or shapes of objects, for geometry based math. For measurement, talk about how heavy something is, how long their nap was or how many steps it takes to get to somewhere. Patterns are also a math concept so pointing out stripes on an outfit or talking about dumping blocks out or putting them back in will reinforce this. Finally, classifying through comparison – big lid on the big bowl or all the dolls go in the basket. Much of this occurs daily without many of us even realizing we are doing it, but math talk will give them that leg up for math later in their life.

Fun fact about babies –Babies, for their first few months of life, only breathe through their mouths when crying,