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These are the signs for please and thank you. They will usually learn the sign for please first but teaching them both together sets up the practice of good manners even when they are very young. Please is made by making a circle on their chest/belly area but many just rub their hands back and forth because they can’t quite make that circle movement yet. Thank you just moves the hand from the chin area downward.


Strategies to help your child with emerging language - as they start to point to items, label them for them making it as descriptive as possible; use sign language as you say the word that corresponds to it for them to learn them concurrently; continually talk to them about what you are doing, so they can begin to learn to expect what comes next; “talk” back and forth with them, whether it is babbling sounds or it is actual words; sing to them; read to them different types of books that they can interact back and forth with between you. All of these actions will help add words to their vocabulary and they will start to use them on their own.

Fun fact about babies –A baby is born on their predicted due date only 4% of the time!



Around their first birthday, language milestones you will start to see:

  • Trying to imitate speech sounds
  • Saying a few words – mama, dada, uh-oh
  • Understanding simple instructions like “come here”
  • Recognizing simple words for common items, like shoe
  • Turning and looking in the direction of sounds
  • Using a single word to express a whole thought – “more” for “I want more”
  • Using simple words with matching gestures – shaking head no while saying the word