Lakewood Childcare Center

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This is the sign for all done. Our children use this sign a lot and will use it to indicate they are done with many things, their meals, the diaper changes, and playing with a toy. It is an easy one for them to learn, use and understand. Some will use only one hand rather than both but they do make it clear what they are trying to convey.


Strategies to help with transitioning to table food – Generally, most babies can start eating some table food by 8-9 months and if they sit with the adults while they are eating, they will watch and learn. Put food on their tray that they can explore and touch and try put it in their mouth on their own. Give them food that is soft and easily dissolvable that they can begin to practice chewing but is also easily swallowed. 

 They don’t necessarily need teeth to begin this, their gums will be able to handle the food they are learning to chew. Remember, patience and consistency are key to this new stage of development but have fun and relax, they will get it.

Fun fact about babies –Babies are born without a body clock. It takes about 12 weeks for them to recognize the difference between night and day and then 3-5 months for them to settle down and sleep through the night.



By 6 months, your child may be able to:

  • Pass a toy from one hand to the other
  • Sit unassisted
  • Roll from back to tummy
  • Bang a toy up and down on a table
  • Reach for a toy that is out of reach
  • Hold their own bottle