Lakewood Childcare Center

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We have reading groups! Throughout the week we will meet in small groups to practice reading and learning our sight words. A list of words was sent home and list 1 is where we will be beginning until further notice. Ask your child to show you the sight word dances we come up with!


In math we are finishing up addition and learning skills on how to count using different resources. Next week we will introduce subtraction and have many games and centers to master this skill! Once we learn to add and subtract it is time to learn about time and money!


In science we are learning more about Earth and Space. We have talked about winter and how animals have adapted. Due to are ‘Out of this World’ theme, we have also talked more about life on Earth, our atmosphere, and our solar systems. Moving forward this month we will talk about food safety and how cooking and baking works and transforms food.


This past month our class has talked about cold and flu safety. We have learned the proper way to wash our hands. We also talked about signs of not feeling well and what to do and say if you need help if you think you are going to be sick.


Kindergarten is learning about tattling vs. storytelling. We have read books, had discussions, and even acted out scenarios (which all kids enjoyed). We will still actively work on this throughout the classroom and identify things to do and say that may prevent an argument and tattle. This will also help the transition times in class. The kids are working hard on being bucket fillers!


We now have ‘Mindful Kids’ in the classroom. It is a set of cards with calming activities to help everyone reset their bodies and brains. Everyone will get a turn to teach their cards to the class as well. We also have an ‘ABC Gymboree’ with both fine and large motor activities. We have also implemented fine motor activities into our curriculum with science and math.


We have a classroom guitar! We will sing transition songs and morning songs on the carpet. The kids are also learning easy rhyming and camp songs (their favorite one is called ‘The Crocodile Camp song’). We will learn more about beats and tempo in music. In art we have been making so many kinds of art pieces. We have painted, made mosaics, worked with foil, and plates. Most artwork will be sent home but take a moment to look at our window and have your child point out their work!