Lakewood Childcare Center

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With a month left of school there will be no new sight words. We will practice the ones we have learned.

We will continue to practice the skills we have learned this year. The children will continue to read to their peers and will begin taking practice books home. They will work on writing, practice sight words, rhyming and build on their comprehension skills.


In math the children will practice place values, addition, subtraction, number bonds, telling time, and measuring.


This month we will be learning about simple machines. We will spend this week learning about axles. The children will build their own car and measure their distance.


For Cinco de Mayo we will read some books about it. Then the children will work on a Cinco de Mayo craft!


We will practice some simple skills like looking a friend when they’re talking to you. We will also practice stopping what we are doing and listen to what our friends are saying.


The children will be encouraged to play hop-scotch on the playground. They will also use tweezers and fuse beads to strengthen their fine motor skills.


In art this week we will learn about Michelangelo. The children will practice painting like him.


*Please bring in (or email me) a baby picture of your child! I will add it to our display by the end of the week.

*On Friday, May 3, 2019 we will visit the Playhouse Square to see Straight up Magic. Please arrive by 9 a.m.

*I will be off on Monday May 6th. Ms. Vera will work with students in the morning.

*Art Show will be May 22nd at 3:30-5:00 in the Triangle Room on the second floor


  1. Sight word practice
  2. What number comes next
  3. Fill in the missing number on the 100’s chart (some friends have this)
  4. –op sight word worksheet. They do not need to cut out them out.
  5. Telling time. Write the time in and the draw the hands on the clock.
  6. Frog addition problem