Lakewood Childcare Center

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In Reading we are continuing with leveled reading groups. These reading groups help enhance fluency for all the students. Within reading groups, we also learn sight words and read our sight word books. We have learned short vowel sounds and now will move on to long vowel sounds. During these next few months we will be talking about different parts of a story.


In math we will continue to enhance our addition and subtraction skills. We will use resources such as counters and number lines to help us gain a sense of 1 to 1 correspondence and a visual representation on mental math. We will be learning and advancing our skills in money. We will learn how to count pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, and adding them together to make a certain amount. From here we will be figuring out what makes one dollar and more!


In science we have learned about our physical environment. We have talked about what seasons are and how we see and interpret changes outside. With this we have also talked about our environment and what solids, liquids and gases are. We will continue to work on environmental science as we will move into learning about life cycles in the next few months!


In health we have been talking about healthy and non-healthy foods. Specifically, breakfast foods. We have learned that certain foods give us good energy. Other not so healthy foods do not give us the energy and “brain fuel” we need to work the best! We have learned food that begins with every letter of the alphabet and every color


Our class is working together to show what friendship and kindness is. We have practiced scenarios and with story telling have figured out right and wrong decisions to make. We have also learned how to collect ourselves, breathe and regroup in class. We have a feeling chart that we work on filling out when we are not feeling good and when we are feeling proud. One on one, the teacher and child will go over details on how to handle certain feelings and situations as they come.


In the classroom we have acted out how to walk around like different animals. Mindful Kids is still being implemented when we need to take a break on working so hard! Mindful kids work with both fine, small, and large motor skills. It is stretching for kids. The kids enjoy taking the break. During outside time we are working on our soccer skills and learning the game of soccer. When it comes to small motor skills, we will be practicing tracing lines and writing letters and numbers correctly.


Our art changes weekly with the theme we are learning about. We have been painting a lot as it teaches smaller motor skills. We have used our fingers, paintbrushes, paint dots, and more. Our window changes weekly with art. Right now, we have March/ St. Patrick’s Day in our window and soon it will be decorated like spring! We are working hard on differently secret styles of art that will be presented at our Art show in April! In music we are learning our graduation songs and songs that go with our themed week to learn information. We will also be practicing our home address to a song as well as important phone numbers!