Lakewood Childcare Center

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Flashcards are good for memorization, but don’t really help when it comes to learning. The brain develops through experience-expectant and experience-dependent behaviors. The brain develops by gathering information through sight, sound, taste, interaction and speech. By offering various activities and experiences to through the senses, we are providing more opportunities to learn and grow.

In the classroom, we do not have math flashcards that say “2 plus 2 equals 4”. We use real life examples to help the children learn. For example, at group we will have 2 children stand and then add another 2 children, asking the rest of the children how many total children are standing. 

When we learn our letters, we seek out where we find letters, like on signs, books and labels around the room. We sing songs and read stories that include letters and sounds to become familiar with the letter. 

Try going to the grocery store and looking for the first letter in your child’s name. See how many you can find. Did you find it in a color? Was it written big or little? Be creative in learning the alphabet, it can be fun for you too!


In starting our new school year in August, we have found that we will be working on the Social Skill of “listening” to get us a better start to a successful Pre-K year. We are finding ourselves repeating many directions and then having to ask what we said. In order to have a more consistent and beneficial time, we will be practicing and carrying out these steps of “listening” with the class:

  1. LOOK- The child should look at the person talking. This not only lets the person talking aware of your attention, but it allows you to focus on the speaker
  2. STAY STILL- Remind the child to stay still, keeping hands and feet still as well.
  3. THINK- Have the child stop and think what the person is saying. If they need further explaining, then help that child understand.

9/14-9/18 colors/shapes/letter A

9/21-9/25 fall/letter B

9/28-10/3 pirates/letter C

10/5-10/9 fire safety/community helpers/letter D


9/16 National Play-doh Day

9/17 Cameron’s 5th birthday

9/21 Jay’s 4th birthday