Lakewood Childcare Center

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Sorting is a skill that prepares children for Kindergarten. Have you ever had your child sort the socks from the laundry at home? You can suggest ideas to sort: by color, by size, be texture, by design…the list is endless! How about having your child sort some of their toys (this will also help with clean-up time!): sort if it is an animal, a doll, a vehicle with four wheels, with two wheels, etc. We often have activities for the children to sort a giant container of buttons or sort animals by legs, fur, or walk/fly. Think of some things that need sorted at home and have your child give you a hand!


For the next several weeks, we will be working on the simple skill of “listening”. All too often we tell a child “wash your hands and then go sit at the table” or “put your toys away and go sit at the rug” only to find they are only listening to half of what we say. Here are the steps for the “listening” skill:

  1. LOOK- we discuss how it is important to look at the person speaking. This shows that you are listening.
  2. STAY STILL- we remind children that staying still means that our bodies are not moving.
  3. THINK- encourage a child to think about what they just heard, especially if there was a specific direction given.


2/8-2/12 Valentine’s Day

2/15-2/19 dental health week

2/22-2/26 authors week

3/1-3/5 Dr. Suess week


2/14 Valentine’s Day

2/15 Presidents Day

2/20 National Love Your Pet Day

2/27 National Strawberry Day