Lakewood Childcare Center

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To help prepare your child for kindergarten, expose them to more colors and shapes,  we like to play “I Spy” in the classroom a lot. We not only look for a specific color, but add in a shape. For example, we can say: “I spy a white rectangle!” The other person/people then have to search for those two specific things. 

You can add this game to something you do at home. Try playing it at dinner or while waiting for dinner. Try playing while you are in the car or while your child is in the bath or strolling the grocery store isles or a walk around your block. You can make a family game by saying “everyone go find a red circle” and see what everyone comes up with. Make it fun. Get creative and include the family!


We will be continuing with our book, What Should Danny Do? By Adir Levy, Ganit Levy and Mat Sadler. This is an interactive book to see what kind of behavior a child decides is a good one, or not so good. 

Some of the decisions we have had to make for Danny include: should Danny scream at his brother because he has the plate he wants for breakfast, or should Danny accept the one he has and eat his breakfast and ask nicely if he can have his favorite plate the next day? 

Another situation is: should Danny yell at the girl who just accidently tripped and ruined Danny’s things or should Danny help the girl up and see if she is okay?

Depending on what decisions we make, Danny then goes on to have a good day or not-so-good day with more decisions. There are 8 different ways to end the book.


4/12-4/16 bugs/insects

4/19-4/23 Earth Day/recycling

4/26-4/30 transportation

5/3-5/7 Mother’s


4/15 National Banana Day

4/22 Earth Day

5/4 Star Wars Day

5/5 Cinco de Mayo