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Since we have begun our field trips, do you know all the rules we have to make a fun-filled summer safe?

We have many discussions on how we can have fun, as long as we are following the rules. We first start off our day with a trip to the bathroom and a changing of our own shirt to put on a green field trip shirt. When we go to the bus, we are not allowed to talk until we are buckled. If we need help getting buckled, we raise our hand to let a teacher know. As long as it is permitted, we talk to those in the same seat as us using an inside or library voice.

We follow the same rules on public playgrounds as we do here at school. We go up the stairs and down the slide on our bottoms. We are not permitted on the monkey bars, anywhere outside of our own center. We stay with our group all of the time. We often stop for water and of course, bathroom breaks as well!

You can help your child with rules at home too! Remind him/her of these rules and perhaps make some for home too! With consistency and routine, your child will master these and have a great summer!


6/14-6/18 Father’s/Grandpas/Uncles

6/21-6/25 Summer

6/26-6/30 America


So far this summer, we have noticed several of the children wanting to be first for so many activities. We often have discussions that it does not matter who is first. We all go to the same places together, whether you are first in line or last.

We also have a problem with taking turns and waiting our turn. With these skills listed, your child can better prepare themselves for a better school year.

1. Say “Everybody can’t be first” and discuss how others feel when they are not first. Talk about how it is impossible for everyone to be first.

2. Say “It’s okay not to be first”.

3. Stay with it and discuss how some children may quit the activity because they were not first.


6/14 Flag Day

6/20 Father’s Day

6/21 Summer Begins!