Lakewood Childcare Center

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Have you ever thought about how many things we have to plan in advance? Sometimes, we put off things we really need to do, out of fear, anxiousness or other thoughts. We know your child is precious to you and they are your “baby”, but don’t forget to plan ahead for their future! 

Your child needs to get registered for Kindergarten (if they are going in the fall) now! It is time to sign your “baby” up for their future education. 

In the classroom, we have been talking about how many things we do that represent what also happens in the Kindergarten classrooms (reading, writing, building, group, outside time, etc.). We want your child and YOU to be ready for the next step in their education. 

PLEASE stop and ask if you have any questions about dates, times, places, etc. where you need to register. Every city is different and we don’t want you to miss out.


Our skill for the month of January is “Dealing With Feeling Mad”. Sometimes, we react quickly when we are upset. We need to remember to STOP and think. Our reactions sometimes become worse than the initial problem. These are the steps we will work on:

Stop and Think- Stop, and don’t do anything. Think about the negative consequences that can happen when we react in an aggressive way (hitting, taking a toy, throwing an object…).

Choose- choose one of these three options as a way to think out the best way for you to think of a way to react that is acceptable

  • turtle- act like a turtle, curl up in a (pretend) shell where you can’t see the person that you are angry with
  • relax- think about how you feel, take three deep breaths
  • ask to talk- discuss who is a peer to go to talk out your mad (or can ask a teacher!)

Do It
- at this point, you should have made one of these choices


1/13-1/17 cooking

1/20-1/24 black history

1/27-1/31 artists


1/14 Marshall’s 5th birthday

1/18 Gavin’s 5th birthday

1/19 National Popcorn Day

1/20 Martin Luther King’s birthday

1/23 National Pie Day