Lakewood Childcare Center

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Given the current situation in the world right now, we have been having a lot of discussions on COVID19, why we wash our hands so much and where our friends are (the ones who didn’t come back to school). We are keeping it simple, yet honest. These are some of the statements we have been saying: “When we wash our hands with soap and bubbles (we count to 20, sing the ABC’s or Happy Birthday two times) we are helping to keep things clean and not spread germs to others.” “We wash our toys so we don’t spread germs.” “Some friends did not come back to school because their family chose to stay home and avoid everyone else’s germs.” We are safe at school.” Remember to remain calm and use words they understand. You don’t have to tell them everything you know, just what they need to know.


To better prepare for kindergarten in the fall, we will start refining some skills so children will be better off with their social skills with their new peers and adults. Two skills for now is “turn taking” (when playing a game, remind your child they will have to sit and wait, we take turns) and “handling losing” (sometimes in a game, we will not win. We acknowledge it and move on without tears). You can help at home by playing games with your child, making them wait a turn and even allowing for him/her to lose a game.


6/8-6/12 Under the Sea

6/15-6/19 Father’s/Dad’s

6/22-6/26 Summer

6/29-7/3 America


6/12 National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

6/14 Flag Day

6/17 Maggie’s 5th Birthday

6/20 National Vanilla Milk Shake Day

6/21 Father’s Day