Lakewood Childcare Center

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Another part of our lesson plans each week is projects. We take interests from the children on areas or topics of interest, and plan activities. We have observed that this group likes to build with various materials in the classroom. We took this interest and planned the project for all about building. The children will have the opportunity to express their creativity through the many planned experiences: In science the children will work with toothpicks and marshmallows creating shapes and structures. The children will also observe and compare structures of buildings in the community. For technology the children will explore and work with building tools and we will incorporate the use of the iPad and build a train on one of the apps. For art the children will express lots of creative expression with building structures with sugar cubes and a shaving cream/glue mix. The children will also paint with blocks. We also have some exciting materials to bring to the block area such as solo cups and craft sticks and encourage the children to build bridges. We will add various size boxes for the children to build with as well. If you would like to bring in some boxes, please feel free to do so.


One of the ways we help the children engage in different language learning experiences is through the iPad. We allow the children to use the iPad for 10 minutes, 2 times a week. This helps the children build their listening and cognitive skills as they are given instructions through the learning games to do. We have man apps in relation to letter matching and writing as well. Not only does the iPad help with language, but it also engages the use of fine motor skills. The children build their eye hand coordination as they use their finger to write, drag items, or to just touch an item. The iPad, or any tablet, is a great learning tool to have at home as well. You can include it in your routine at home, but we encourage no more than 10 minutes of screen time a day.

Here is a list of some of the apps we use that you can do too.

  • Elmo ABCs Lite
  • Smart ABC
  • Kids writing pad
  • Learning Games
  • ABC Animals
  • Preschool Essentials by GuruCool



As part of our lessons each week we incorporate health and wellness activities to our plan. These activities help the children learn about what foods help us grow and how they can give us energy to move. We touch on the foods that are not always ok to eat such as the sugary and salty snacks. These activities relate to science in many ways. Throughout the year the children will help make healthy snacks, they will explore the taste of various foods. Along with exploring taste we allow the children time to explore the food, it’s texture, it’s look, and its smell. All 5 senses are incorporated into these explorations. Hands on learning makes it so much more appropriate for the children to learn.

These health and wellness activities also help us engage in conversation during meals about the healthy foods we eat at our meals. Feel free to talk about these things at home as well. Ask your child questions about different foods and encourage them to try new. Take them grocery shopping to see all the healthy food options they have.