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We have started Yoga with Meghan, and the children absolutely love it! With this we thought we’d provide an article about the benefits of yoga for children.

We also have an article on meditation as well since we started this last month with Lisa


Interacting with others is a part of a preschooler’s social emotional development. Interacting with others helps children learn how to communicate through play and shared interests. Children build their language skills with interactions by learning to have conversations with a series of exchanges, their vocabulary builds by listening and repeating, and they start to share stories from real experiences and get creative and make up stories. Interacting with others helps build confidence and self-esteem. Children learn from each other and build turn taking skills by asking. Children use their interactions to tell others how they feel about something and to stand up for their rights when they have been wronged. These are all parts of a child’s social development and a big part of the Creative Curriculum goals and objectives we use to help your child learn and master these skills.

Each summer the preschoolers have an opportunity to interact with older children in the Help to Others program. These middle school students come and read stories to the preschoolers, engage in small group games and provide arts and crafts to do with them. This is a great opportunity for the preschoolers to engage with other children who can help them, kind of like a big sister or brother. When the H2O kids read to the preschoolers, it’s a new excitement for them and they love it. Having the H2O group come each week is another added benefit to helping the preschoolers build their social skills.


Thank you to Marshall’s mom Jessica for coming in to talk about her trip to Italy with the children.

Thank you to Henry H.’s mom Catherine for volunteering to help out in the classroom for a couple hours a couple days a week.

Thank you to Logan’s mom, for coming in to do an activity each month this summer, about meditation and mindfulness with the class.

Thank you to Millie’s mom Meghan, for coming to do Yoga with the class again this summer.

Thank you to our friends who participated in the scavenger hunt activity at home with your family.



This last month we have been talking to the children about strangers. We read stories and have simple discussions about what to do when approached by a stranger. The key points we touch on are that a stranger is someone you do not know, go to an adult you do know if a stranger tries to talk to you, NEVER talk to someone you don’t know.

We also talk about who safe adults are moms, dads, teachers, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, police officers and firemen to name quite a few. These are adults you can talk to.

This age is just the right time to start talking to your children about strangers; there’s no need to be elaborate and go into detail for them to understand. Be simple and help them understand by reading stories and asking and answering questions. Be honest and it’s okay to tell your child that people we do not know, may also not be nice people, and that some can be hurtful. Be simple with it but make your child aware of how important it is not to talk to strangers.

Books you can read:

Never Talk to Strangers by Irma Joyce

The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers by Stan & Jan Berenstain

The Day My Parents Got Lost by: Susette Williams

I Can Play It Safe by Alison Feigh

A Little Book About Safety by: Ruby’s Studio and the Mother Company