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Although we always practice good hygiene at school, we have been really talking about when we wash our hands and reading “Germ Are Not for Sharing” weekly. 

We are finding that the children are in a big hurry to wash their hands because they don’t want to miss out on group time. We use to be able to call the children by name and have them wash their hands by themselves without a teacher in the bathroom. Now, we must stay in the bathroom while they wash their hands to make sure they are using soap and washing their hands long enough. 

We sing ABC’s while the children wash their hands. So, if you hear your child singing ABC’s that’s why and it’s the right length of time to get proper hand washing time done. It also allows the children who may not know their ABC’s to practice and hear the older children sing to encourage them to sing and learn at the same time.


We are working on following the classroom rules: “Walking feet, Safe Hands and Teeth are for Food”. Rules help children understand what behaviors are okay and not okay. As children grow, they will be in places where they have to follow rules. Following rules at home can help children learn to follow rules in other places. Remember, young children sometimes break rules because they simply forget. While we have our 3 classroom rules, you can have rules at home as well. Here are a few suggestions-

1. Rules that Promote safety

2. Rules that Promote Morality

3. Rules that develop Healthy habits

4. Rules that Promote Social Skills

5. Rules that Prepare children for the real World


In November we will start our first Family Fun “Thanksgiving” project. The purpose of this project is to have all families participate in sharing your Family Traditions with us around the Holiday’s. We will send home more information closer to date with instructions. Remember: the idea of this project is to do it as a family, have fun and be creative.