Lakewood Childcare Center

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Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Many conditions are spread by not Washing Hands with soap and clean, running water. Germs can get into the body through eyes, nose and mouth and makes us sick. I can’t even begin to give you a number of times the children and teachers wash their hands throughout our day. The children work on proper hand washing every day to wash those germs away and begin to understand the importance of hand washing. If you do not wash your hands before and after meals, after outside play, public places, you may want to start a routine so your child knows it’s just as important at home to wash your hands. Some children still need help and reminding to use soap every time they wash their hands. Below you will find the proper hand washing steps we do at school. You should at least wash hands for 20 seconds. ABC’s or Happy Birthday is a good length time.

1. Turn on water                                                                             6. Get paper towel

2. Wet both hands completely                                                      7. Dry hands

3. Get soap                                                                                     8. Turn off faucet with paper towel

4. Rub hands                                                                                  9. Throw in garbage

5. Rinse hands


The toddler room has 3 simple basic classroom rules. Safe Hands, Walking Feet and Teeth are for Food. Children this age need short and to the point words and rules, giving too many rules or words will not work for young children. Since we can’t give them many words or rules, we have started singing a song called “Rules Rap”. We have the children all stand together while to listen to the song, sing and model the actions. As many of you may know, repetition is the key for young children to be able to absorb information, know what happens next and carry out tasks. We will continue to listen to this song daily and make it a part of our routine so the children can begin to understand the importance of safety rules in the classroom.



One of the children’s favorite fine motor activity to do is play dough with play dough tools. We are always making new sensory dough to provide various textures and allow an opportunity for the children to be involved in the making of it. Below you will find a recipe of “Cloud Dough”, its easy and safe if your child were to taste.

All-purpose flour, vegetable oil, oil based food coloring, mixing bowl and sensory tub for playing in. To make cloud dough mix in the 1:8 ratio. That is 1 cup of oil to 8 cups of flour. Color the dough as you desire, more for dark and less for light.