Lakewood Childcare Center

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We work on self-feeding with spoons and or forks at every meal time. This encourages further refinement of your child’s fine motor skills because their hands, arms, and back are strengthened by firmly grasping their utensils.

Their fine motor skills that are developed with regular use of eating utensils extend too many other toddler tasks. By continuing to work with your child on this fine motor skill helps to navigate food to their mouth and improve hand-eye-coordination. Please encourage your child to do the same at home during meal times to continue self-help skills.


Starting January 20, 2020, you can start bringing in your loose change to help raise $55 to adopt our WWF animal. A letter was sent home providing all the information of the adoption and benefits.



The next couple of months we will be working on “covering your cough”. Most toddlers need to be taught how to use a tissue. We are working on how to show the children to wipe a runny nose, and how to throw their used tissues in the garbage afterward. Similarly, when it comes to coughs and sneezes, we are modeling to “cover it up” by coughing or sneezing in the crook of their elbow instead of their hands. Finally, remind children how important it is to “wash those hands!” We encourage you to do the same at home to practice and help prevent the spread of illness.

*Get tissue, blow, toss and wash hands

*Cough, turn your head away, cough into your sleeve/elbow and wash hands