Lakewood Childcare Center

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Toddlers naturally think they are the center of the universe. It can be hard for them to remember to concerned about how their words and actions affect others. And while language development is different for each child, both toddlers and preschools are in the process of discovering new ways to express themselves. Often, they do not have the words they need right when they need them. Toddlers often scream or cry instead of communicating their words. When your child has something important to express, you might calmly repeat the phrase. With repetition, your child will come to know what “Use your words” means, and will begin to have more success with putting thoughts and feelings into words.

*Notice when your child uses words in kind and helpful ways

*Gently intervene when you hear hurtful words

*Talk about feelings throughout the day


Calling all families! We invite you to come to the classroom and make a” Spring” project with the toddler class during this month. Come up with a creative but simple project you can carry out with the toddler class. If you are interested, please see Miss Brenda.



Now that we have introduced all the Spanish words: Hola, Gracias, Adios, Por Favor, Leche and Agua over the last couple of months. We will combine all words for the rest of the month Of March and start the days of the week in April.

Monday- Lunes 

Tuesday- Martes 

Wednesday- Miercolas

Thursday- Jueves

Friday- Viernes