Lakewood Childcare Center

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We have been experiencing some difficulties with children taking toys away from other children and hitting to get the toy they want. As we know, toddlers believe when they have a certain toy they are playing with “It's theirs” and no one elses's. It's up to us to help children learn the importance of sharing and teach them strategies to reduce tantrums, tears and becoming physical in the process. It has been said that children do not learn the concept of sharing until about the age of 4, but starting young is the key point. We will be trying a new technique by setting a timer for about 5-10 min when children are playing with those favorite toys that everyone wants. We will also introduce this technique with the children by briefly explaining what's going to happen and what's expected. We will model passing back and forth so the children can practice and begin to have an understanding of sharing. We expect this to take several tries before it becomes effective and may be an ongoing technique.

*Set the timer

*Children will pass the toy to another child

*Teachers will be present to help model/smooth transition



Every morning we implement a new physical activity in the great room to help with strengthening children's Gross Motor Development. We will be working a bit more on children's balance and coordination by providing more balancing activities such as: Walking Zig Zag lines, balance boards, walking backwards, crab walk, standing on one foot and yoga poses. By providing these activities it will help increase children's balance and coordination skills while being challenged.



As mentioned earlier we would like all families to participate in Thanksgiving Project. Please take some time to do the project together and return to school by November 18, 2019 or sooner. Look for materials on your child's big Cubby. Have fun and be creative!