Lakewood Childcare Center

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Although we are always working on manners throughout our day, we especially work on them at meal times. We model the words and have the children repeat them back to us. We also make sure the children use their manners when they want something, get something and give. Our two words used the most are “Please and Thank You”. Why do we teach manners? Because they make life better for all of us by encouraging us to be kind and respectful towards one another. Show your toddler that words matter- they have power to make someone feel noticed, appreciated, special. Manner words children learn are the beginning- but they set the stage for social skills and social graces that are yet to come. The following manners words listed below are the words we model, encourage and practice daily:

                            “Please”                                  “Excuse Me”

                            “Thank You”                           “You’re Welcome”


When trying to get messages across to your child, it can be a bit challenging for several reasons. When we want children to listen and follow directions, we approach them in the following manner:

  • Be Direct- use statements rather than questions: “Sit down” as to “Are you ready to sit down?”
  • Be Close- Give instructions when you are near your child, rather than calling from across the               room.
  • Use Clear and Specific Commands- Instead of “go ahead”, say, “Please go wash your hands”.
  • Give Age Appropriate Instructions-Speak to your child at the level he will understand.
  • Give Instructions one at a Time- “Get your shoes on”, Get your coat” and “Go to the door”.
  • Give Children Time to Process- After you give instructions, wait a few seconds without repeating         what you said. Children will listen to calm instructions given once rather than they do not need to        listen because the instructions will be repeated. Watching and waiting also helps keep adults              from doing what we’ve requested of our children for them.



Healthy Fall Snacks-

  • Apple slices thin, sprinkle cinnamon sugar
  • Peanut Butter Balls rolled in granola
  • Large regular rice cakes, cream cheese and             raisins
  • Pumpkin mini muffins
  • Fresh fruit cut up and topped with light whip           cream